How do I delete my LevelUp account?

Alternatively, you can contact us directly at or 1-855-538-3542. We may not be able to modify or deactivate your information in all circumstances.

What is a level up account?

LevelUp is a free app that enables you to pay with your phone. LevelUp also powers a number of other apps, branded specifically for some of our partner merchants, that have various customized features. Paying with your phone is fun, fast, and super convenient! When you pay with LevelUp, you save money.

What is LevelUp Boston charge?

LevelUp allows merchants to run retargeting mobile campaigns to people who have used its app to pay for a purchase. Any time a customer uses one of these LevelUp promotions to pay the merchant, LevelUp takes a 25% fee.

What companies use level up?

LevelUp is based in Boston and offers a platform to manage digital ordering, payments and loyalty, with customers like KFC, Taco Bell Pret a Manger, Potbelly and Bareburger.

What apps use level up?

LevelUp, Grubhub’s development shop
  • Pret A Manger. Pret A Manger’s custom loyalty program encourages guests to come back for more of their favorite coffee.
  • Zaxby’s. With their app, branded desktop ordering, and Grubhub Marketplace, Zaxby’s captures guests wherever they are.
  • sweetgreen.
  • Smoothie King.
  • Kung Fu Tea.

Is LevelUp safe to use?

LevelUp’s servers are incredibly secure, but by leveraging Braintree for storage, we are able to add another layer of security. Triple Token System: The data encoded in your LevelUp Code is NOT your credit or debit card information. It’s a random token with no meaningful information in it. You can reset it at any time.

How old is level up?

LevelUp was initially launched in March 2011 and operated for its first 3 months as a daily deals platform. In July 2011, LevelUp shifted away from daily deals to focus exclusively on facilitating mobile payments. In July 2013, around 200,000 users and 3,000 companies were using LevelUp.

How does level up make money?

LevelUp generates revenue when merchants run campaigns to attract new customers and reward loyal ones. LevelUp will make an 80-cent fee on the first discount and $2 on the $5 loyalty discount. Merchants don’t have to run campaigns. In that case, LevelUp is essentially giving them credit-card processing for free.

Does sweetgreen use LevelUp?

LevelUp Partnership Helps Put the Green in Sweetgreen

While the app is designed and branded by sweetgreen, the payments and promotions are handled on the back end by LevelUp, which was acquired by Grubhub in 2018.

What is level up Zaxby’s?

LevelUp is the leading digital engagement solution that empowers restaurants to capture and engage both existing and new customers everywhere they live, work and play, with seamless digital ordering, payment and loyalty experiences.

What is LevelUp potbelly?

For example, LevelUp is used for online ordering at Potbelly Sandwich Works. The acquisition will give Grubhub the ability to deliver for the Chicago-based sandwich chain. LevelUp, which employs more than 200 people, also provides analytics to restaurants so they can learn more about their customers’ ordering habits.

How do I delete my sweetgreen account?

Right to information, access and deletion. You can request to exercise your rights to information, access and deletion by: visiting calling us toll free at (833) 309-9300.

How much do sweetgreen employees get paid?

How much does sweetgreen pay? The average sweetgreen salary ranges from approximately $35,834 per year for a Team Member to $142,417 per year for a Software Engineer. The average sweetgreen hourly pay ranges from approximately $14 per hour for a Cashier to $16 per hour for a Sweetgreen Team Member.

Does Grubhub use LevelUp?

Grubhub acquired restaurant technology company LevelUp for $390 million in 2018.

Did sweetgreen get rid of rewards?

By Dan Frommer on April 3, 2021

Last week, Sweetgreen, the salad chain, shut down its loyalty program, which for years had rewarded its customers with $9 in credit for every $99 they spent in its restaurants or app.

How do I cancel my order on sweetgreen?

Follow the steps below:
  1. First, open the Google Play Store. If you have multiple Google accounts, be sure you’re signed into the right one.
  2. Click on menu, then go to “Subscriptions”.
  3. Choose the sweetgreen subscription you wish to cancel and tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  4. Finish up as directed.

How do you use sweetgreen credit?

Credit must be claimed via web browser or iOS and Android apps. Credits may only be used on purchases made in the sweetgreen app or on from the account that earned the Credit, and may not be used to purchase gift cards.

How do I check my Sweetgreen rewards?

You can see any rewards you have under “my rewards” in your app account and online by clicking on “account,” then scrolling down to “rewards” and “credit/promo codes.” It will expire 30 days from when it was issued. You can tap ‘View Credits’ to keep track of your credit history and expiration.

How do I get a free salad from Sweetgreen?

If you qualify, your hospital might be eligible for a week of free salads. Refer a friend to sweetgreen to get $7 off your next order. Your friend will also get a $7 credit that they can use toward their first order.

How healthy is Sweetgreen?

The salads at Sweetgreen actually are healthy. They actually are full of great pre- and post-workout foods like steelhead salmon, avocado and seaweed. The only knock, if there is a knock, is that they’re expensive, but not that much more expensive than the other salads on our list.

Is Sweetgreen ethical?

At Sweetgreen, the appeal is partly ethical. The ingredients are sustainably farmed, sourced from trusted partners and served with transparency. There are vegan, gluten-free and “warm bowl” options. There are raw beets and organic carrots.