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  • On your favorite browser enter the following website address. You don’t have to worry on the browser to use. This is because most browsers support
  • Click sign in option on the upper right side of the screen. Enter your email and password to access your account and click the blue button to sign in.
  • In the menu on top, click on the and from the drop down menu click on settings.
  • When you get to this screen, scroll down and click on Change/Cancel Membership. This option is hyperlinked, has a blue font and is located on the left side of the screen. In your Match profile, this is the option that gives you the option to delete or deactivate your account.
  • On this screen you will get a prompt to enter your Match password. This is because the information you are about to view going forward is strictly private. As such Match.com considers every activity you undertake going forward to be sensitive and hence the need to erect security measures.
  • Key in your password on the box provided. If you can’t recall your password, you can choose to tap on forgot my password to follow the command prompts provided by Match. Com to change your password.
  • After you have entered your password, click on continue cancellation It’s located below the box that you have just entered your password. As you enter your password, you will notice every time you type in it appears in bullet form. This ensures your password is protected from privy eyes.
  • Once you select this option, a pop up will appear with two options.
  • For the purpose of this procedure, select Cancel Membership and Remove profile. By clicking this option, your account is successfully deleted. You will receive a confirmation email confirming your decision. Also, you will receive a confirmation number on the top of the screen. Your account will no longer be visible to other users.
  • In the next two years after your decision to quit Match account, you can always reactivate your account by logging back to your account using your account information. Therefore, to permanently delete your account, avoid logging back in those two years.
  • This decision also unsubscribes you from receiving periodic emails regarding relationship advice, upcoming Stir events, or website promotions.

NB: Well, before deleting the account it is vital for you to cancel your subscriptions especially if you have made payments on them.

Tip: Before you initiate the process of deleting your account, we would recommend that you manually delete your profile pictures and any other information you included manually. This is because it might take some time for this information to disappear from your account after deleting your account.

How to Delete a Match Account on iOS

  • Unfortunately, you can’t cancel your subscriptions without using a web browser. But, we recommend that you strictly follow these guidelines to hide your profile. This is a fundamental activity that you should carry out before deleting your account.
  • On your IPhone, locate and launch the Match application from the home screen or app drawer.
  • If you are not logged in, enter your Email address and password to sign in.
  • On the new screen, tap on the three horizontal lines located on upper left of the Match application.
  • Scroll down from the menu items that appear and select settings.
  • After selecting the settings option, go ahead and select profile visibility.
  • Tap on hidden This prevents any Match user from having an access to view your profile.

NB: Most sites may never allow their users to delete their accounts from their phones due to security reasons. As such after, completing this procedure you will have to access your account from a web browser to delete your account.

How to delete a Match account on android

  • Unfortunately, just like in iPhone, you cannot delete your Match account from this app. The steps of hiding your profile are similar to the one we have discussed under How to delete a Match account on iOS

Tips: We have seen that it will be a tricky affair to delete your Match account from either iPhone or android device. However, they can help you lay the grounds of deleting your Match account.

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