Whatever you watch on Netflix, it keeps your watched items in history. In this guide, you will learn how to delete Netflix history.

Why to Delete History? Before moving to the actual guide, let us clear some confusion about why there is need to delete Netflix history, first thing can be that you want to hide watch list from others. Secondly, if you are getting bored with the recommended movies, you have to remove the watched titles before. Because, Netflix uses watched titles to recommend content to you.

How to delete Netflix History on Android, iPhone and iPad

Netflix app does not allow to delete history, but you can do it on your web browser.

  • Open web browser on your mobile.

You can open Safari on iPhone or iPad, or any other browser.

  • Go to Netflix website.


  • If you are not already signed in before, sign in to your account by clicking on sign in on top right corner of the screen. Enter your username and password.

Note: You cannot clear the history of a Kid’s account

  • When you are signed in, tap on three horizontal lines on top left corner of the screen. It will open Menu.
  • Tap on your profile name, located at the top of the Menu sidebar.
  • Tapping on your profile will open all the profiles of your account.
  • Tap on the profile, which has history you want to delete. But if there is any profile labeled Kids, you cannot delete its history.
  • Again, tap the three lines on top left screen to open more options.
  • Tap on Account, it will be located below your profile name.
  • Tapping on Account will open submenu, from that submenu, find and tap on Viewing Activity.
  • You will see all the material watched on your profile. Unfortunately, deleting whole activity is not available. So, each activity has a Cross (×) icon in front of it. Click that icon to delete that content from history.

Note: At the end of the Viewing Activity page, you will see Hide all option, this option hides all the titles from your search. You will no longer get recommendations according to these titles. Also, if the item you are going go delete is an episode of a series, you will be first prompted to delete the whole series. So, perform your action with attention.

  • After deleting history from Netflix, it may take 24 hours to removed from all of your devices.

This method works for Netflix TV app also.

Watch Netflix with friends far away

You may be wandering about how is that possible. But we are here to introduce you to a google chrome extension called Netflix Party.

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Get better result based on rating

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