PlayStation is one of the best gaming platforms or consoles.

It has millions of users all around the worldTo play games on this console, you need to create a PSN accountPSN stands for PlayStation NetworkWhat if you want to delete the account?

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Well, the reasons behind the deletion are numerous. For example, you have bought a new console “Xbox” and don’t want to play games on PlayStation anymore. So, how to delete your PSN account? Let us tell you about that.

How to Delete Your PSN Account

Before you delete your PSN account, you must know what happens when you delete it. Remember, when you delete the user profile, PlayStation will erase all saved data, including the screenshots taken by you. Your hard drive will not have this data anymore.

Similarly, PlayStation will also delete all applications and licenses that you had purchased previously with your PSN account. Simply put, you can’t access them after the deletion process.

If you set any parental control protocols on the profile, PlayStation will not change them. Only the Family Manager account can make these changes. Now that you have come to know what will happen after you delete your PSN account, next, we will tell you the steps to delete your user profile.

  • Go to PlayStation Settings.
  • Select Family Management or Parental Controls
  • Log into the PSN if you have logged out it previously.
  • Under Family Management, choose Family Members.
  • Select Profile Name.
  • Delete the User Profile
  • Follow the steps to complete the deletion process.

How to Permanently Delete PSN Account

Do you want to delete your account permanently? If yes, you may find a lot of articles on the internet that tell you about the process. However, most users don’t get an accurate answer and tend to delete the account temporarily.

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On the other hand, you want to permanently close or delete your PSN account. So, to do this, we will give you the steps that you need to follow.

  • Go to the official website of PlayStation.
  • Use the search bar to look for Account Deletion.
  • You can type “close account” in the search bar.
  • Select the device that you want to delete the account on.

Make sure you read the information about account deletion. As mentioned above, we have told you that you will lose all the data, screenshots, and other things. To permanently delete your PSN account, you must have PSN ID, email ID, payment information, console serial number, and transaction information.

Now, scroll down the page and come to its bottom. Here you can choose “Call us” or “Live Chat.” We recommend Live Chat. The customer support agent will assist you and answer each of your queries about account deletion.

Remember, permanently deleting your account means loss of access to purchased content, subscriptions, and entitlements. You will lose access to PSN access. Simply put, you will lose funds. You can’t use the same username to create a new account.

Moreover, PlayStation will not transfer any content to another account, including the funds in the wallet. They won’t return it to you. So, before you delete the account permanently, make sure you talk to the customer support of the Sony PlayStation.

How to Delete PSN Administrator Account

If you have many accounts on PSN for your family members, you will have one administrative account. So, if you want to delete that one, you need to follow the steps given below.

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  • Click the “Start Button.”
  • Go to the Control Panel of the PS4/PS3.
  • Pick the User Account Category in the window of Control Panel.
  • Once there, select the account (administrator) to delete it.
  • Delete the account by clicking the button.
  • Click “Delete” all files to remove everything.

If you are permanently switching from PlayStation to any other platform or console like Xbox, you need to delete the account. Before you do that, you need to contact Sony customer support.

You will lose a lot of data and funds in the wallet. So, make sure you transfer the funds to another account before you click that delete button. To permanently delete the account, follow the steps given above.

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