Can I delete my Rockstar account?

If you are unable to log in to your Social Club account, or you do not have access to your Social Club account, and wish to delete your Social Club account, please email from the same email account you used to join Social Club, include your Social Club nickname in the message, and

Can you delete your GTA Online account?

To delete your Rockstar Games account, sign into your Social Club account, go to, and follow the instructions on the page.

What happens if I delete my Social Club account?

Deleting the account will result in the irreversible loss of activation entitlements for Rockstar Games PC titles, along with any purchased DLC. Your level and stats for all Rockstar Games PC titles will be deleted. You will lose access to your Social Club friends list and Crew memberships.

How do I delete my Rockstar local account?

Clear your local Rockstar Games Launcher profile details
  1. Start the Rockstar Games Launcher.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Account Information.
  4. Select Delete Local Profile.
  5. Select Confirm.
  6. Sign in to the Rockstar Games Launcher again.
  7. Launch Red deceased Redemption 2.

Can you reset your GTA Online account?

1 Answer. When in-game press start(esc) > online > swap character, 2nd slot should be free and allow you to make a 2nd character. You should have the choice between starting fresh or using the level and bank account from your previous character.

How do I delete my GTA online data?

#1 Delete save game data right on the game
  1. Launch GTA V.
  2. Go to Pause Menu > Game > Load Game.
  3. Select the save data, then hit Delete.
  4. Hit Yes to confirm.
  5. Now the save data has been deleted. Press OK. You may restart GTA V to see the effect.

How do I fix Rockstar launcher not working?

Try these fixes
  1. Run the launcher in compatibility mode with administrator privileges.
  2. Update your graphics driver.
  3. Flush your DNS cache.
  4. Disable firewall and antivirus software.
  5. Perform a clean boot.
  6. Reinstall Rockstar Games Launcher & Social Club application.

How do I reset Rockstar launcher?

Close and restart the Rockstar Games Launcher
  1. Close the Rockstar Games Launcher. Make sure all Rockstar Games Launcher services are shut down and the launcher icon in the Windows Tray is closed.
  2. Restart the Rockstar Games Launcher using the default shortcut or directly using LauncherPatcher.exe.
  3. Allow GTAV to update.

How do you clear the cache on Rockstar game Launcher?

Click the Menu button and choose ‘Options’ Select the ‘Advanced’ panel. Click on the Network tab. In the ‘Cached Web Content’ section, click ‘Clear Now’

How do I fix Rockstar launcher infinite loading?

Can’t connect to Rockstar?

How to Fix Failed To Connect To The Rockstar Games Library Service Error
  1. Basic Troubleshooting Points. Make sure the Firewall is Disabled.
  2. Re-Install the Social Club Application.
  3. Run the Game in Compatibility Mode.
  4. Checking Integrity of Game Files (Steam Users Only)
  5. Tweaking DirectX Value.

Why does GTA 5 get stuck on loading screen?

The most common reasons for save file corruption are powering off or unplugging the console while the game is saving, or experiencing a system freeze/crash during saving due to disc damage or a console hardware issue. Unplug your console from the Internet and reboot the game.

How do you fix infinite loading screen in GTA 5 story mode?

Why is GTA V Online Not Loading?

If you are playing GTA 5 on your console (PS4 or Xbox) and are not able to connect to GTA Online, it probably means that either your game CD is corrupt or there is an issue with the local game settings inside your console.

Why is GTA V loading so long?

The size of GTA V is about 65 GB and it requires a video memory of about 2 GB. RAM requirement is at least 3 GB. Now, the PC has to load the game(size 61.5 GB) from the hard disk to the RAM first then it will run the game. So, this is why GTA V takes time to load.

Why is GTA V Online loading so long?

This all started when modder T0st dug deeper into the game’s code to find inefficient use of CPU cores and other problems they believed were the reason why GTA Online takes so damn long to load. The developer decided to implement those changes into the game officially, and awarded the modder $10,000 for their trouble.

Why does GTA say Rockstar services unavailable?

The reason you are seeing this error could be due to an internet connection issue. Your connection might be weak or unstable. You need to turn off your router and restart it again. Simply press the power button behind the router.