How do I cancel my Shakepay account?

Delete your Account by Sending Email
  1. Now compose an email and enter the email address
  2. On Subject Type “Request To Delete My Shakepay Account”.
  3. Now write an email regarding deleting your account sample given here.

Is Shakepay safe?

Is Shakepay Safe? Shakepay is a relatively new addition to the cryptocurrency exchange world but has been exceptionally safe thus far. One thing that Shakepay has going for it that other exchanges don’t is that there is actual regulatory oversight regarding the business.

Do you own bitcoin on Shakepay?

ShakePay is built, not to hold your bitcoin [but] to send it out right away,” Amiouny told CoinDesk. “What [our customers] do is they buy bitcoin and then they send it out to wallets they control … as a platform we generally don’t hold customer assets very long.”

How do I sell ethereum on Shakepay?

To Sell Crypto
  1. On the Buy & sell screen, click on the “From button” and select the crypto you want to sell.
  2. Click on the “To” button and select CAD.
  3. Input the amount of crypto you want to sell for CAD and click “Buy Bitcoin (or Ethereum)”

Is it smart to buy Bitcoin now?

With current high prices, you might end up with a bigger risk by starting now — especially if you devote a large portion of your portfolio to the cryptocurrency. But if you’re looking to add a bit of growth and can afford to take the risk, it may be worth owning a small portion of Bitcoin.

How much does Shakepay charge per transaction?

Does Shakepay charge any fees? Shakepay is a commission-free service. This means we do not charge a commission for buying or selling crypto.

Can you withdraw money from Shakepay?

Looking to cash-out your CAD from your Shakepay account? You can do this through a quick e-transfer. To cash-out, you will need to sell your crypto for CAD first. Click on the “Cash out to my bank” button.

How long does it take for Shakepay to receive money?

This means it can take up to one hour before the funds are in your bank account. At Shakepay, we believe always having access to your money goes a long way to building wealth. We’ve built our entire company around these values and we’re very excited to have instant cash outs live for all of our customers.

Can I sell Bitcoin on Shakepay?

To sell Bitcoin

The main “Wallets” screen will display the CAD equivalent of your funds with our mid-market price. The “Buy & sell” screen will display your funds with either the buy or sell price with our fee included.

How do I get my money from Shakepay?

How can I receive Crypto in my Shakepay wallet?
  1. Log in to your app.
  2. From your wallet screen, tap “Add Funds
  3. Select “Bitcoin” or “Ethereum” depending on the crypto you wish to transfer!

Is Shakepay regulated?

How do I transfer money from Shakepay?

Is Shakepay regulated? Yes, Shakepay is regulated by FINTRAC and the AMF. Those are just fancy words saying Shakepay is legit. Shakepay’s office is in Montreal, Quebec but they are allowed to operate in all Canadian provinces and territories.

How do I check my Shakepay?

Go to your online banking, navigate to your “send e-transfer” section, and create your Shakepay account as a contact! Use this information when filling out the recipient details. Send the e-transfer!

Is Shakepay a digital wallet?

Most accounts are ready to use following an automated identity check. If the check fails, you will need to submit documents to fully verify your identity. To do so, you will be asked to submit a picture of your photo ID and short selfie video. To verify your account online, login and select verify account.

How do I convert Bitcoins to Shakepay?

The Shakepay apps are digital crypto wallets and work just like any bitcoin wallet for deposits and withdrawals.

Does Shakepay need ID?

Once you have Bitcoin or Ethereum in your Shakepay account, you can sell it by using the “Buy & sell” button either:
  1. In the app (view instructions) or;
  2. On the Web (view instructions)

How long does it take for Shakepay to verify your account?

During sign up, Shakepay follows a Know Your Customer (KYC) process, where we’re required to collect information to help us identify who you are. We use this information to run an identity check using a third-party.

How do I log into Shakepay?

Typically, our verification team can review your documents within the same business day; however, depending on the volume of submissions, sometimes this process can take up to 4 days. Once your documents are reviewed, you will receive an email regarding your verification status.