How do I permanently delete my tidal account?

TIDAL Website
  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Click ‘Subscription’
  4. Click ‘Cancel My Subscription’ then confirm cancellation.

How do I delete my tidal account from my Iphone?

Visit Log in with your username and password. Click ‘Cancel My Subscription’ then confirm cancellation.

How do you delete tidal music?

Tracks within Playlists
  1. Tap on the 3 dots to the right of the track you want.
  2. Tap on “delete”

How do I cancel my best buy tidal account?

If you would like to turn off your auto-renewal, cancel your plan, update your billing preferences, or if you have a billing issue, you should visit the plans and subscription page at or call 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289).

Does Jay-Z own tidal?

Does Apple own tidal?

Tidal, which Jay-Z bought in partnership with other artists in 2015 for $56 million, provides members access to music, music videos and exclusive content from artists, but the streaming music industry has been dominated by competitors like Spotify, Apple and Amazon.

Is tidal better than Spotify?

Apple Music and Tidal are well known for their exclusive releases and both streaming services have been around since 2015. Dubbed as the artists’ music platform, Tidal is owned by Jay-Z and a variety of other successful music artists, and the company makes a point of paying artists more per stream than ‌Apple Music‌.

How much is tidal A month?

Tidal is more expensive than Spotify but has higher quality audio. Tidal HiFi offers lossless, high bitrate audio files, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and Dolby Atmos Music in addition to everything Tidal Premium offers. Both Premium and HiFi offer family subscriptions which allow up to six accounts.

What’s the difference between tidal HiFi and premium?

Tidal lacks a free, ad-supported option, so you have to either pay $9.99 per month for 320Kbps AAC+ music (Tidal Premium), or $19.99 per month for non-compressed 1411Kbps FLAC audio (Tidal HiFi)—a much higher fidelity than your standard MP3 or audio stream.

Who pays more Tidal or Spotify?

The streams on Premium use lossy compression with a bit rate of 320kbps, the same as Spotify Premium. This compares to the original standard bit rate for digital music (CD) of 1440kbps. Tidal HiFi uses lossless compression (FLAC) which retains all of the original data of a 1440 kbps stream.

Does Tidal have clean versions of songs?

The online music store pays the artist $1 for every 53 streams, followed by Tidal. Then there is Apple Music (136 streams), Deezer (156 streams), Spotify (229 streams), and Amazon Music (249 streams).

Can you use Tidal for free?

TIDAL is an amazing app with amazing audio quality and ad-free content. This app doesn’t censor anything and they do not offer clean versions of the songs.

How many people use tidal?

How to get Tidal for free on iOS and Android devices? When you are eligible for Boost Mobile on your mobile devices, computer, TVs, you can experience six months of Tidal HiFi with Boost for free. You are able to access favorite music with the best sound quality.

Which is better Apple music or tidal?

3 million subscribers

What is the best music streaming service 2020?

Tidal claimed to have over 3 million subscribers in 2016, although the veracity of those claims and the company’s reported streaming numbers have been questioned. As of March 2021, Tidal operates in 61 countries.

Tidal (service)

Home screen of Tidal for Android app

Why is Tidal so bad?

If you’re an audiophile and want the highest music quality, then the pick is obvious. TIDAL’s HiFi Audio Quality tops out at 1,411 kbps, and Apple Music can’t even come close, as it tops out at just 256 kbps.

Breaking down that complicated pricing.

TIDAL Apple Music
HiFi Audio Quality 1411 kbps N/A
Free services No No
Apr 27, 2020

Is Tidal losing money?

The best music streaming services of 2020
  1. Spotify. Spotify ranked #1 as both a paid music streaming service, as well as the best free option.
  2. Tidal. Tidal’s biggest advantage is its top-tier HiFi plan that offers uncompressed, hi-res sound quality at a cost of $19.99 per month.
  3. Apple Music.
  4. Deezer.
  5. Amazon Music Unlimited.

Is Tidal a flop?

The service may pay higher rates per stream than competitors, but its competition has exponentially more users, forcing most artists to embrace other services like Apple Music and Spotify, even if they pay less. Such high turnover is an extremely bad sign for the health of any company.

Is Tidal better than YouTube music?

From an outsider’s perspective, it just doesn’t seem like Square owning a music streaming service gives it that much of a leg up when trying to build a financial platform for artists. Plus, Tidal is reportedly losing $55 million a year.

Does anyone use Tidal?

Yes, Tidal is a flop. While Spotify is more valuable than the rest of the traditional music industry combined, and music apps are among the most popular apps, Tidal apps downloads dropped out of the top 700.

Is Tidal actually good?

Tidal vs YouTube Music Steaming Quality

Talking about Tidal vs YouTube Music sound quality, Tidal is the overall winner. Tidal’s Hi-Fi plan isn’t the only reason for the victory. The Premium plan of Tidal allows to stream music at 320kpbs. HiFi quality brings Lossless quality audio from 1411kbps or 16bit / 44.1kHz.

What is the highest quality audio?

The artist owners of Tidal are some of the biggest names in music including Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and Regine Chassagne, Beyoncé, Calvin Harris, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, J. Cole, Jack White, Jason Aldean, Madonna, Rihanna and majority owner Jay-Z.

Which music app is the best?

Well, Tidal prides itself on being an artist and quality-first platform. It now has social features to become more appealing to fence-sitting Spotify users, and offers high-quality audio support from FLAC files and more. Time to find out if this streaming service is worth all your pretty pennies.