How do I cancel my Under Armour account?

To delete your Under Armour account, you’ll need to delete your profile on all apps and websites associated with that account, including MapMyFitness , UA Shop, and

Is Under Armour copyrighted?

You own the Content that you create, and we own the Content that we create. All UA Content and all copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in and on the Services belong to Under Armour and/or its partners or applicable third parties.

How do you delete MyFitnessPal account?

To delete your account, you can sign in online at Once you’ve logged in, click “My Home” then “Settings” then “Delete account.”

What apps does Under Armour own?

MyFitnessPal and Endomondo are currently part of Under Armour’s connected fitness segment, which also operates the MapMyFitness platform to track running and workouts. Under Armour plans to continue operating MapMyFitness, whose GPS tracking apps include MapMyRun and MapMyRide, and its connected footwear business.

What age does Under Armour hire?

Facts About Working at Under Armour

Minimum Age to Work at Under Armour: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Under Armour?)

What is Under Armour’s slogan?

The active wear company Under Armour adopted the phrase “Protect This House” as its motto in an attempt to attract and retain a male customer base, additionally it is a call to all competitors who use their products to stand firm in their resolve to win.

Why is Under Armour failing?

What companies has Under Armour bought?

Under Armour has dealt with a number of massive problems in the past, including $1.3 billion in leftover merchandise in 2018, shrinking popularity among teens, and a scandal involving executives going to strip clubs and expensing the outings.

Is my fitness pal owned by Under Armour?

Connected Fitness

Through the acquisitions of fitness app companies MapMyRun, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal, Under Armour built the world’s largest digital fitness and wellness community. The Brand that changed how athletes dress now changes how they live.

What happened to under Armour record app?

US sportswear brand Under Armour has announced it will sell the MyFitnessPal platform to private equity firm Francisco Partners for US$345 million. The app, which enables users to track their diet and exercise, was acquired by Under Armour in 2015 for US$475 million.

Is under Armour app free?

Under Armour said UA Record, its mobile app for tracking fitness and weight changes, will be retired on March 31, 2020 and will no longer operate. Users who have been tracking workouts on UA Record are being encouraged to transition to MapMyFitness app.

Who owns Underarmour?

The monthly subscription costs USD 5.99 per month, while the yearly subscription costs USD 29.99 per year, or USD 2.50 per month. Your subscription renews automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. There is no increase in cost when renewing.

Who owns my fitness pal now?

founder Kevin Plank

Who owns my fitness pal?

Under Armour founder Kevin Plank built a popular sportswear brand as the underdog competitor to Nike.

Who did under Armour sell MyFitnessPal to?

Under Armour

How many apps does under Armour have?

Under Armour to sell MyFitnessPal for $345 million, after acquiring it in 2015 for $475 million. Global fitness giant Under Armour announced this morning that it will be selling MyFitnessPal to investment firm Francisco Partners for $345 million, five and a half years after acquiring it for $475 million.

Is MyFitnessPal safe to use now?

Under Armour

Does Under Armour have a workout app?

In 2005, MyFitnessPal was founded by Albert Lee and Mike Lee. On February 4, 2015, MyFitnessPal was acquired by athletic apparel maker, Under Armour, in a deal worth $475 million.

Is under Armour record accurate?

Francisco Partners

How do I reset my under Armour scale?

Under Armour announced late last week that it is selling off MyFitnessPal to investment firm Francisco Partners for $345 million – a fair bit lower than the $475 million it paid for the connected fitness app and platform back in 2015.

What is under Armour record?

54 apps

How good is my fitness pal?

Under Armour, Inc.

Under Armour has a total of 54 apps, including 32 iOS apps, and 22 Android apps.