Do you want to delete your Netflix account but can’t find an option to do so or you simply don’t know how to do it? Chill out! We have created this guide especially for you; with everything explained step by step.

Pre Script: There is no direct way to permanently delete your Netflix accountHowever, you can delete some information yourself and you can also request the Netflix support team to delete your account by using below instructions.

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Delete your Account

  1. Sign in to your Netflix Account
  1. After that “Cancel Your Membership” or Auto-Renewal
    Please check our article on How to cancel your Netflix
  1. Contact Netflix support team via email and request them to delete your Netflix account. Send your email on this address:

Tip: Netflix removes your account automatically if you do not renew your subscription or membership for 10 consecutive months.

Important: Make sure you make an email request to the Netflix support team using the same email which is also linked to your Netflix account.

Delete a Profile

  1. Sign in to your Account
  1. Go the top right corner and press drop-down on the profile icon

  1. Scroll down to Manage profiles and Select the profile you want to delete
  1. Open the profile and you’ll find Delete Profile option in the edit section

Tip 1: On the devices like smartphones or televisions you’ll notice all the profiles in the dashboard as soon as login to your account. You’ll also notice an edit/pencil symbol on each of the profiles and you can also delete them from there with just a few clicks.

Tip 2: When you delete a profile the watching history of the subjected profile will also be deleted altogether.

Important: You can delete any profile on your Netflix account except for the Main Profile.

Delete Your Phone Number

  1. Go to Accounts

  1. In the first section Membership and Billing, look at the right side and you will find Edit/Delete Phone option

Warning: There is no way to delete your email and billing method permanently as according to the rules and privacy policy of Netflix they keep the billing information to prevent scams. However, you can change your billing and payment methods from one to another.

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