When did she say or said?

“What did she say?” is correct, because proper grammar dictates that in an interrogative sentence the infinitive form of the verb follows the auxiliary verb “to do” (or, in this instance, the preterite form “did”) rather than the past participle “said.”

What do you say or said?

What did you say? The simple reason for this is that when you form a question like this in English, you use an auxiliary verb, in this case “do“. When the question is in the past tense, you conjugate the auxiliary verb, but the main verb is just the bare infinitive, “say”, and never changes.

Did not say or did not said?

“I didn’t say” refers to a specific something you said at a specific time or during a timescale. “I never said” is a flat denial of ever having used the word or phrase at any time in the past in respect of the circumstances in which you find yourself saying it. They are different.

Did you say VS have you said?

Both are correct, but it depends on your context. Did you just say that? is a past tense and implies that the speaker is concerned about the event in the past (even if it was only ten seconds ago) Have you just said that? on the other hand, is a present tense.

Did you say grammar?

Although I have heard a lot of people saying this, it is grammatically incorrect to use “did you just said”. You can use “did you just say” instead, this is not only grammatically correct, but also sounds better. Furthermore, the words “did you just” cannot be used with any pure past form of verb.

Is said singular?

(indefinite) (singular & plural) (count & non-count) (formal) Said person or thing is the one that was mentioned before. A gun was found at the scene. Said gun belonged to this man.

What did you just say or what have you just said?

Broadly speaking, what he says is true. But I’d usually choose ‘What did you just say?’ rather than ‘What have you just said?’ There are subtle differences in some cases; for instance, the present perfect used in a question can sound less in-your-face.

What does the phrase you said it mean?

Definition of you said it

—used to express complete agreement with something just said “That was a pretty selfish thing for him to do.” “You said it.””Let’s grab something to eat.” “You said it.

What did I say vs what have I said?

“What did I say” is equivalent to “what was that one specific thing I said.” This is the reason that “what have I said” is not used if a person wants the answer to “what was the specific thing I said that offended you.”

Was just saying meaning?

(also just saying) used when saying something negative or something that other people might not like or might find unusual, without trying to defend or give reasons for what you say: I don’t want to insult anybody, but I’m just saying …

What is the meaning of the word just telling?

2 conforming to high moral standards; honest. 3 consistent with justice. a just action.