Is Sterifab sold in stores?

Answer: No, Steri-Fab Insecticide is considered to be a professional product and is not sold over the counter. It can only be purchased at professional pest control supply stores such as ours.

Does Walmart have Sterifab?

Sterifab Sfdpt Sfdpt Steri-fab 9-way Protectant [pint With Sprayer] –

How much does Sterifab cost?

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bottle (16 oz) $17.87 Buy 2 or more: $16.45 each Buy 4 or more: $15.61 each 0
gallon (128 oz) $54.65 0
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case (4 gallons) $201.49 Save! Get 4 for only $50.37 each 0

Does Sterifab work?

Sterifab is both an extremely effective pesticide and an efficient disinfectant. As a pesticide it can eliminate lice, get rid of bed bugs, ticks, dust mites, centipedes, fleas, sowbugs, ants, as well as silverfish, roaches, and firebrats. … Plus, Sterifab quickly kills viruses, dispatches germs and destroys pathogenic odors.

What is Steri fab used for?

Sterifab is an extremely powerful agent for eliminating bed bugs, lice, ticks, fleas and a host of other insects, and, it can used effectively on everything – except people, animals and cooking utensils. Sterifab is: Easy to use and will not stain. Without added perfume or unpleasant odor.

Can you buy Steri fab in Canada?

Steri-Fab SFDGAL 9-Way Protectant – Premixed 1 Gallon | Walmart Canada.

How long does Steri-Fab last?

Additional Information
Availability In Stock Online
Chemical Type Pyrethroid
Formulation Ready-To-Use
Mix Rate Spray surfaces and articles until thoroughly dampened and allow to remain wet for at least 10 minutes.
Shelf Life Sterifab can last 1 to 2 years in storage when kept in a cool, dry place.

How long does it take Steri-Fab to dry?

Allow Steri-Fab to dry about 15-20 minutes before using treated area. Because Steri-Fab was formulated not to be a residual product, you must make direct contact with insects and their eggs to be effective. Retreat every 7-10 days or as needed.

How long does Steri-Fab take to work?

Kills bed bugs, bed bug eggs, mold, bacteria, fungus and mildew on contact. For indoor use in the home, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, warehouses, offices, apartments, hotels, motels, kennels, and hospitals. Great to sterilize mattresses and box springs. Dries in less than 15 minutes with no residual effect.

Do you dilute Steri-Fab?

SteriFab is easy to use, with no dilution or prep required. Just spray SteriFab on mattresses, bedding, furniture, carpets, vehicles, and any other inanimate surface to control bed bugs, fungus, germs, mildew, mold, and odor-producing bacteria.

Do you mix Steri-Fab with water?

Sterifab should be used in addition to other products. (Currently using a standard disinfectant – one that is diluted with water that is used to mop floors, etc.)

Is there a spray for bed bugs?

There are no magic sprays that will get rid of a bed bug infestation. Using a chemical to get rid of bed bugs will not work unless you also remove clutter, clean and launder everything, seal off hiding places, and follow other, non-chemical steps to control bed bugs.

How do you mix Steri-Fab?

Is Steri-Fab safe?

Steri-Fab is a very safe product to use and is used everyday in hospitals, day-cares and nursing homes without any issues at all. Steri-Fab does contain alcohol so it does have a bit of a smell but the smell is not harmful and it disappears after the treated area is dry.

Can you use Steri-Fab on your skin?

Sterifab will eliminate most insects, including mites, scabies, lice etc. It is designed to be used on bedding, furniture, carpets, etc. It is not designed to be used on humans or skin.

What product kills mites?

Sterifab can be used as a mite treatment on practically any inanimate object or location, and there are no other U.S EPA-registered products that can boast so many uses – viricide, bactericide, sanitizer, insecticide, deodorant, germicide, disinfectant, mildewcide, fungicide, bacteriostatic or fungistatic.

How long do scabies live on bedding?

Scabies can live on the human body for 1 to 2 months. They can live in bedding or furniture for 2-3 days.

What can I spray on bed for scabies?

Permethrin spray

Permethrin is an insecticide that’s used to eliminate scabies mites.

How do you clean your house from scabies?

How can I remove scabies mites from my house or carpet? Scabies mites do not survive more than 2-3 days away from human skin. Items such as bedding, clothing, and towels used by a person with scabies can be decontaminated by machine-washing in hot water and drying using the hot cycle or by dry-cleaning.