Everyone loves cake. It is delicious. There are different types of cakes with unique designs and flavors. Some people love chocolate cakes. Others like to eat vanilla or pineapple cake. Simply put, there are a lot of varieties.

On the other hand, today, on the internet, we find millions of cake pictures, drawings, artwork, etc. What about drawing it yourself? For instance, your daughter or son has a birthday and you want to draw a cake and present it so that you can show your love and affection. Read on!

How to draw a cake? Step by Step Procedure

Here are the steps to draw a cake for your son, daughter, or any other family member that you love.

Step 1:

First, you need to draw the upper part of the cake. To do this, you need to make two small marks that are far apart. Draw two marks between the first two marks. The first two marks are apart and the second two marks close to each other.

Step 2:

Connect these marks using curved lines. At first, you need to sketch lightly. This way, you can erase these lines after you complete the drawing. Once you have created the shape right, then, you need to darken the lines that you had previously drawn. You want to create an oval shape cake, especially from its sides.

Step 3:

Draw a vertical line under the oval. You must draw the line on each side of the oval. If you want to make a tall cake, then you need to make longer lines. Also, connect these lines at the bottom by drawing a curved and long horizontal line. You must make the curvature parallel to the oval’s lower edge.

 Step 4:

Now, draw a short line in the middle of the oval. This is the base of where you will draw the candle. This, in particular, is important if you are drawing a birthday cake. Otherwise, you can skip this option. So, above the candle of the cake, you need to add the flame. It is easy. You need to draw a U-shaped line. Now, extend these lines and curve them so that the flame looks realistic.

Step 5:

After having the base of the cake, the next step is to decorate your cake. You can add frosting by adding a border along the lower edge at the top of the oval. So much so, you must draw a few more short and curved lines at the bottom of the oval. Draw another row of curved lines above it. This way, you can complete the frosting of the cake.

Step 6:

Next, you need to add the frosting at the back portion. The procedure is the same as you did it in the previous step. You must follow the initial path of the oval. Then, draw a series of curved lines. Make sure these lines are short. Do not overlap the candle’s shape as you draw frosting in the cake. You can use a few more curved lines to draw the edge of frosting at the top of the cake.

Step 7:

Now, draw some more frosting at the cake’s bottom side. Here, you can draw some curved lines that appear in the middle portion. Again, you need to draw a few more lines. Make sure, they appear curved. Draw a large U-shaped line on the front side to add some more decoration.

Step 8:  

Draw a few more U-shaped lines on each side to make the decoration of the cake even. Do not forget to sketch lightly and then darken the lines. You must do this only after you have drawn the shape right. Moreover, drawing a series of circles on the bottom half of the decoration. You can either make smaller circles or large circles. The choice is yours.

Step 9:

The cake drawing has been completed. Now, you need to add a plate at the bottom. To do this, you need to draw a long and curved line. Obviously, this long line should appear horizontally. Make sure you don’t draw the line too far away from the drawing of the cake. Everything should look realistic.

Step 10

Finally, you need to use a marker or pen. Go over the lines to highlight lines. The purpose is to darken the lines so that you can erase the guidelines (if any) that you had used a pencil to draw.

Furthermore, it is time to add some colors to your cake drawing. Again, the choice of color depends on your personal preference. If you want to make it a chocolate cake, you can use dark brown pencil colors or crayons, or markers.


A cake is a beautiful birthday present. No doubt about it. However, if you are not at home and you want to wish your loved one, you can send him a cake drawing. Although you can down pictures from the internet, there is more excitement, expression, love, and affection in a DIY-based cake drawing. Surely, your loved one will like the drawing. Lastly, you must carry out each step carefully so that you draw a beautiful looking cake.

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