Chickens are some of the most interesting animals to draw and you can learn how to do that with these steps.

  1. Gather your materials

Before you could start drawing, make sure that you have all the materials for this project. This includes drawing paper, an HB graphite pencil, a 3B graphite pencil and an eraser.

  1. Learn how to draw the basic chicken

Let’s begin with the most basic chicken drawing. Start with the upper body section of your chicken and work your way from the beak down to the thigh outlining the chest and belly. Then, draw the talon and under belly sections and add more details to the tail feathers.

Define the drawing more by outlining the second leg and filling in the details of the head. Add the wings and complete the talons, after which you could shade some parts of the chicken to make it look more defined.

  1. Learn how to draw a hen

Now that you know the basic silhouette of a chicken, it’s time to work on creating a more defined version of a hen or a female chicken. Begin by drawing a small circle that will be the eye of your hen and a smaller circle inside for the pupil.

This will give you a good reference for the hen’s head, which you will draw after with a number “9” that’s not completely closed.

Work on the body of the hen next by drawing a curved line that resembles the letter “C” and the tail with a curved line that looks like a “J.” Once you have the outline, it’s time to add the hen’s wings by drawing two slanted lines and the beak that looks like a “V” drawn sideways.

Refine your drawing further by adding the comb on top of the head, drawing the line that emphasizes the middle of the beak, putting in the feathers and finally, finishing with the claws on each of your hen’s foot.

Once you’re done with these details, you can either color your hen using watercolor or colored pencil or use shading techniques that will add more character to your drawing.

  1. Learn how to draw a rooster

Drawing a rooster is almost similar to a hen, but you have to pay more attention to some details to distinguish one from the other. To begin, create an outline of the head and beak, after which you have to fill in the comb and wattle to complete the head.

Next, work on the neck and draw the shape of the rooster’s body like you would your hen. A rooster has longer tail feathers so emphasize the length in your outline.

Then, work on the feet by making sure that the thighs are highlighted since roosters have fluffy thighs and draw the shanks and toes.

Now it’s time to refine the details of your rooster by adding the eye and ears and polishing the comb on the head. Then, work on making the body of your rooster stouter and defining the details of the feet.

To make sure that you can distinguish your rooster drawing from a hen, you have to remember that a hen has a heavier body and shorter feet and tails. Its comb is also a lot smaller than a rooster, making it one of the male chicken’s most distinctive characteristics.

  1. Learn how to draw a chick

Of course, you can’t learn how to draw a hen and rooster without learning the techniques for drawing a chick. This part is simple because you just have to follow the basic skills that you learned from adult chickens and make them smaller.

Start with the head and add the eyes and small beak to serve as your foundation for the rest of your drawing. Make sure to leave enough room in your paper for the chick’s body and extremities, especially if you’re drawing it as a part of a bigger image.

Then, work your way into the chick’s body, which should be quite smaller compared to its head. The neck should also be short enough that it should be barely visible. Next, you can work on your chick’s small wings and short feet.

After you have the outline, you can start refining the details by highlighting the big, cute eye and the small beak. Keep the lines of the head soft and simple because chicks don’t have the more prominent details that hens and roosters have.

Then, work on refining the chick’s feet by making it look bolder since the chick doesn’t have any thick feathers yet.

Depending on your preferences, you can use watercolor, markers or colored pencils to add more character to your chicks or you can keep things simple with just a 3B pencil that will allow you to increase the contrasts in the right places.

So what can we say?

Drawing a hen, rooster and chick is definitely a fun activity that you can do for leisure or as a professional. Animals are great subjects, after all, because they come in different shapes and sizes, and you can make them come to life with the tiniest details.

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