A crown shows power and authority.

Not everyone wears a crownKings, queens, and princess wear crownsWhile the world is full of democracy and kingdoms have no significant value, in some countries, people respect the royal familiesFor example, in the UK, people love and show respect to their queen and her childrenRead on!

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Why draw a crown

You can draw a crown because you love it anyway. Also, if you want to pay tribute to the king, queen, prince, or princes, then it is also a great activity. If you want to pass the time because you have nothing else to do, then you can also draw the crown.

Children come to know about kings, queens, and their crowns in literature and books. They often draw these things in drawing and painting classes. You can make the drawing using making guidelines to get a perfect shape.

How to draw a crown

Drawing a crown is a great activity for both kids and adults. You can draw it by following the steps given below.

Step 1:

First, you have to draw two rectangles and then join them. You can join these two rectangles by slanting lines. The purpose is to make a shape that resembles an arch structure.

Once done, you have to draw a circle, but make sure it is half-circle. Draw it at the top. Now, make a square above the circle. You can add details to the topmost part of the crown. Make sure the top side resembles a fan or similar shape.

Step 2:

Once you have completed the top part, it is time to add some details to the circle below. Draw some small circles that go in line or adjacent to the arch structure. Sketch three circles below and then make elongated and angular structures in the middle.

Don’t forget to draw a double-lined arch in the lower part of the crown. Connect a few small circles with arcs that are triple lined. Now, make double-lined shapes that will look like fans. Make sure you add them in place that surround the circles.

Step 3:

You can intersperse them with cob-like designs. Now, connect the middle part of the object with the top part using straight lines and arcs. Sketch a few small circles and arcs and make the lower part curved. It should look like a curved band.

Once done, include some rectangular and triangular shape lines in the lower part of the object. You can intersperse them with rectangular shapes and circles. Make some floral designs in the lower band to décor the crown.

Step 4:

Now that you have completed the drawing, it is time to color it. You can use any color as per your preferences and requirements. In general, we recommend red, yellow, and blue. The main color is yellow, and the others are blue and red. You can color the jewels with red.

How to draw a crown for a princess

If you have female kids, you will know how much they love the word “princess.” Many times, as a mother, you call your young one “princes.” Right? Well, if your kid is fond of painting or drawing, then you can help her draw things related to princesses.

Like male kids use to draw knights, castles, and cliffs, female kids can draw crown for a queen or princess. Again, drawing is a healthy activity that improves your kid’s creative skills. We have already told you how to draw a crown. However, that is for the king. You can make one for a princess. Here are the steps!

Step 1:

Sketch out an outline to draw a crown for the princess properly. There are different types of crowns. They come in different shapes and designs for princesses. So, make sure you draw an outline for the classic crown that kids imagine or see in their drawing books.

Next, you have to make five small circles in the upper parts of the object. Remember, this is an important part of your drawing. Therefore, you have to pay attention to it. Either make circles or ovals or rectangles in the crown teeth.

Steps 2:

Once you have drawn the outline and the small circles in the uppermost part, it is time to draw lines. Make sure you make them curve. Also, the side teeth of the object will stay closer to each other. However, they should stay away from the central teeth of the crown.

Use your eraser to remove the lines that you don’t need now. Make sure you erase the lines gently. Otherwise, you can ruin your drawing. Thus, you have to make it again. So, to avoid this, you have to act carefully. Once done, you will have to circle the remaining lines. You can even make them dark so that they become unique. Also, you can use ink or marker for this.

Step 3:

It is no surprise to tell you that crowns are made of gold. People decorate it with various precious jewels and stones. So, it is time to decorate the crown for a princess too. You can do this by drawing three drop-shaped objects and then make a grid pattern to display the stones.

If you want to give your drawing a complete look, you will have to draw a few shadows. You can start hatching and then draw the shadows accurately. Don’t forget to add some glare to the drawing, which you can do by drawing longer strokes in the rare.

Once you have completed the drawing, it is time to color it. You can use a combination of colors according to your requirements. A princess crown, in general, is very colorful. Use dark and light colors to have a realistic drawing.

Final Words

Drawing a crown is a great activity for everyone who loves history and read stories about kings, queens, and royal families. A crown is a traditional head adornment, and kings, queens, and princes used to wear it.

Although you may not see people from the royal family to wear them, crowns are still an important accessory. It shows glory, honor, triumph, legitimacy, and above all, power. Likewise, it is a symbol of righteousness, morality, and resurrection.

We have told you about making a crown and princess crown. Both methods follow a different approach because you get a completely different drawing. The first method has three steps, and the second one has four steps. We have explained each step in detail. So, using the steps given above, you can draw a crown adequately.

How do you draw a crown easy?

Draw sets of small circles around the band of the crown. Two two flattened ovals within the band of the crown. Draw flattened ovals within the ovals. From the triangle shape between the fleur de lis, extend a series of connected circles, resembling a string of beads, to the top of the crown.

How do you draw a crown?

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How do you draw a crown in English?

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How do you make a crown art hub for kids?

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How do you draw a crown of thorns for kids?

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How do I make a realistic crown?

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How do I get a Burger King crown?

Guests earn Crowns only at a participating U.S. Burger King restaurants by ordering on the BK App or bk.com. Guests do earn points on delivery orders made through the BK App or bk.com only. In select U.S. cities, guests can also earn Crowns from an in-restaurant purchase.

How do you make a silver crown?

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How do you make a crown out of cardboard?

Cut out a strip of cardboard or fabric that is the length of the crown and 1 to 1.5 inches wide. Line up the bottom edge of the strip with the bottom edge of the crown. Adhere this strip to the “wrong side” of the crown with glue. The cardboard or fabric will reinforce the crown and prevent it from ripping.

How do you make a crown out of a cereal box?

Open up your cereal box and measured out your desired length of your crown. We used the longest side of our biggest box that was about 11 ½ “ long. We measured 3” for the width and added a few triangle points to the top. Cut out your crown.

How do you make a crown for Father’s Day?

What You Need:
  1. 1 12”x18” sheet of craft foam in Dad’s favorite color.
  2. Package of flat glue on (or stick-on, if you can find them) colored “jewels”
  3. Squeeze bottle of “glitter” craft paint—the kind with a thin tip so that you can squeeze/write words.
  4. Scissors and sturdy craft glue.

How do you make a recyclable crown?

DIY Recycled Water Bottle Crown
  1. What You Need.
  2. Cut the top and bottom off your plastic bottle.
  3. Cut triangles out of the cylinder to make a crown shape.
  4. Put little dots of glue on the back of the rhinestone and attach them to the crown.
  5. Punch a hole in either side of the crown.
  6. Thread a ribbon through these holes and tie a knot so they stay secure.

How do you make a flower crown?

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What is the size of Crown Paper?

Old Paper Size Dimensions Chart
Old TermSheet Size in Inches (in)Sheet Size in Millimeters (mm)
Atlas26¼ x 34641 x 864
Columbier23½ x 24½597 x 622
Copy16¼ x 20413 x 508
Crown16¼ x 21413 x 533

How do you make a gold crown?

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