Everyone loves dinosaurs, right? They are kind of scary for kids but they find them interesting. Dinosaurs do not exist anymore. They extinct thousands of years ago. However, we find their fossils and body structures in different parts of the world. If you love dinosaurs and want to pay tribute to this extinct animal, you can draw it. For drawing dinosaur, you need a pencil, paper, rubber, and coloring pencils. Here are the steps to draw a dinosaur.

Step 1:

First, you need to make a zigzag line on the maker using a pencil. You can start by making a circle and then add a zigzag line near it. Now, at the bottom part, you must add a small rectangular shape.

Once done, you need a thick pen to outline the dinosaur. Start with its back. Now, start drawing at the tip – i.e. the triangle and then draw a wavy line on one side of the triangular shape and then up the circle.

Now, you need to draw another curved line, which will dip down slightly to the circle’s other side. Then, this line will go up towards the rectangle.

Step 2:

Next, you need to draw the head of the dinosaur. For this, you need to work on the rectangle that you have drawn in the previous step. It is your guide to draw the head. However, you need to make the corners a bit round.

Then, add a small bump above. This is the place where you will draw the eye. Make sure you leave some gap here for the mouth. The mouth of the dinosaur is curvy in shape. It must match the top and bottom lines.

Now, use the rectangle and zigzag line as a guide. It is time to draw the leg the foot. You can start by making a C shape drawing inside the circle. Now, add another small C shape at the zigzag’s corner. Follow this line to add the lower part of the dinosaur leg. Next, you need to draw the toes.

Step 3:

Draw a small C at the top for the backside of the leg. This must appear on the other side of the line. Then, you need to draw a bit wider C shape next to the zigzag corner. Now, finish the lower part of the foot using another C. This C shape should appear backward.

Next, draw a short line. Make sure the line is in between the head and the arm. This is the neck of the dinosaur. Now, add another arm and leg of the dinosaur for the other side. Do not forget that the topside and the second arm and leg will remain hidden by the body of the dinosaur.

Step 4:

Make the second arm and leg partly visible. Now, erase the pencil lines. We recommend you to use a thinner pen for drawing the eye, nose or nostril, as well as the teeth. Make sure the teeth look pointy. For the eye, you can add a tiny black circle.

Using the same pen, you can add the toes, fingers, and claws to the body of the dinosaur. Now, you need to add spots, stripes, or any other pattern you like on the back. Draw a thin line that starts near the tail end to show the soft belly.

Step 5:

You have completed drawing the dinosaur. The next thing is adding color to your drawing. You can use any color. After all, it is a drawing. However, we recommend using a dark green color. Also, use black or brown color for the spots on the body. Using the above steps, you can draw the dinosaur accurately.

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