Drawing cars can seem like a cumbersome task if you make an unplanned attempt. Things like cars have several parts and joints. So you need a planned and step-by-step approach to get things right.

  1. Draw the Outlines

Outlines form the foundation of your drawing. So you should make it as perfect as possible. Get a good reference image of a Ferrari before you start.

  • You would be drawing the perspective view of a Ferrari so you should be careful with the angles and curviness of your lines.
  • Make use of a smooth pencil to draw light lines so that you can easily make corrections whenever needed.
  1. Draw the Headlights and Wheels

After making a rough outline you need to add each and every part to get a clear idea about how perfect your drawing would be.

  • Ferrari has angular headlights that are fixed along the sides of the front wings. The lights have a triangular pointed tip on one end and a narrow rectangular shape on the other.
  • Make 2 oval-shaped wheels. The areas of the bonnet and the rear that cover the wheel arches have an upward curve.
  1. Draw the Mirrors

Next, you need to draw the front and the side mirrors of Ferrari. Only when you draw the mirror, you will be able to get a realistic idea about the quality of your sketch.

  • Ferrari has a flat roof. So the mirrors are narrower compared to other models. The roof has a sloppy tilt towards the rear end. Accordingly, you should tweak the end portion of the side mirror.
  • The front mirror should fit into the entire figure quite elegantly. Draw the edges between the mirrors and also draw a well-aligned roof.
  1. Draw the Wing Mirror

Even though a wing mirror is a small part of a car, it can add style to your drawing. To create a realistic wing mirror check out the images of Ferrari and start with an outline.

  • The wing mirror is attached to the top left corner of the front door. The size of the wing mirror should be proportionate to the other parts of the car.
  •  The position of the mirror should be such that it covers a small portion of the front door and its mirror.
  1. Draw the Rims

Rims come in different styles and designs. However, since you are making a Ferrari, your rims should resemble the ones you generally find on this model.

  • Make V-shape structures pointing towards the center of the wheel. You have to make 5 of them to complete the rim design.
  • While drawing the rims you should make sure that the lines adhere to the perspective view of the wheel.
  • Darken the outlines of the tires and add a double line to complete the structure of the tire.
  1. Draw the Bonnet and Bumper

The bonnet and bumper of a Ferrari are quite stylish and distinct. You need to imitate the details carefully to make the drawing seem as realistic as possible.

  • On the right side, draw a slanting line starting from one end of the front mirror to the edge of the bonnet. The line should run alongside the headlight.
  • Repeat the same on the left side of the bonnet.
  • Make a rectangular frame for the bumper of the Ferrari.
  • Shade the area with a smooth pencil.
  1. Draw the Logo

The logo of the Ferrari is small but it should be there when you are drawing a Ferrari. The image of a galloping horse is an iconic feature of this popular car.

  • The logo should appear at the center of the bumper. While you shade the entire bumper the logo should be clear.
  • Just above the logo, on the bonnet, there is a small rectangular structure. Draw this tiny rectangular symbol to complete the drawing of your Ferrari.


  • In order to maintain the perspective view of the car, you should draw the front wheel of the car slightly bigger than the rear wheel.
  • Make a narrow double line along the bottom edge of the car starting from the bumper to the rear. Darken the space between the lines to enhance the outline of the car.

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