Today we are going to draw a nice vehicle that you can compose in a city, around a home, on the street and more.

Before playing with these compositions, you have to learn how to draw one car, bus or truckHere, we chose nothing less than a monster truckSo, let’s go ahead and see what all we need.

  1. Get a Reference Picture and Supplies

  • It is always important to start with a reference picture.
  • Grab one clipart or icon of a monster truck for simplicity.
  • Get your pencil, sharpener, and eraser.
  • Get some rough papers from old used notebooks or something like that.
  1. Draw the Head of the Truck

  • So, all kindly note the clipart and see how the head of the truck looks like. The windshield is a rectangle with a broader bottom. The roof is also a slanted rectangle. So, lets us draw some rectangles.
  • Draw a rectangle with a broader bottom and shorter top.
  • From the top corners extend two lines and make a slanted rectangle for the roof of the truck.
  • Extend a vertical line from the end of that and meet with another line from the first rectangle.
  • Draw them, extend them and complete to make the carriage area of the truck.
  1. Draw the Side of the Truck

Now that the roof, head and the carriage area is done, we will draw the side of the truck. As you can see that this is a rectangle with semicircles for the big tires that will go there. So, we draw them now.

  • Extend a line from both the ends of the truck, the front and the back carriage.
  • Draw some short lines and a complete rectangle to form.
  • But, erase some small part near the front and back.
  • Draw a semicircle at these two places, which must be the same in size.
  1. Draw the Bumper of the Truck

Now, we go to the front side and draw the bumper and the hood of the car. This bumper will again be another rectangle with rectangular or circular shapes for the lights.

  • Draw a rectangle like a tube at the front.
  • Keep it a bit curved at the sides as if covering the sides of the truck too.
  • Now, extend the front portion to make a cuboid shape that acts as the hood or bonnet of the truck.
  • This will join with the windshield of the car.
  • Draw the windshield and windows by drawing doubles lines running inside the previous rectangles.
  1. Draw the Big Tires

Take some good look at the tires which are like small height cylinders.

  • Draw two big ovals.
  • Extend two lines and complete a cylinder.
  • Repeat the same for another tire too.
  • Make some marks on the tires to make it look real.


  • Your monster truck is ready in no time.
  • You may use an iPad and Apple Pencil too.

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