If you love cars, you surely do love Mustangs.

The ones given to us by Ford in those early years and still produced today are simply beautifulToday we shall learn how to draw one, by following a picture of it and the steps described hereIt is for beginners so do not worry about muchMustangs have been an all-time favorite of many.

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  1. Gather the Resources

So, the first thing would be to find a nice simple picture of a Mustang.

  • Get your own simple picture from the internet.
  • Get a nice pencil, a sharpener, and an eraser.
  • Find some rough papers like the backside of used A4 papers, old notebooks, etc.
  1. Draw the Body Guide

If you can see properly the above reference picture, the Mustang is made of two rectangular blocks making the bonnet and the body where people sit. Then, there is the roof which is curved.

  • So, draw two rectangles, the first one to form the front portion, the bumper, lights, etc.
  • Draw a second one that goes on the side making the body’s main part.
  • The second rectangle should join the first one, on the left side.
  • Draw a curve to make the bonnet of the car.
  • Draw another curve to make the roof of the car.
  • These will serve as guides for the next steps.
  1. Detail the Bumper and Lights

Look at the picture again and check the bumper style and headlights. We will draw them now.

  • Make two curves, parallel, curved slightly outwards on the first rectangle.
  • Make a second set of two-curves below that in parallel.
  • Draw the headlights on the first set.
  • Draw the grill and indicator light on the second set.
  • It should start to look like the bumper, grill part of the car now.
  1. Detail the Side Body and Bonnet

Here, look at the picture again and see that slight protrusion on the bonnet. Then closely take a look at the side of the car’s body. There are two wheels and a slight protrusion near the handle.

  • Draw the windshield, just a rectangular part.
  • Draw the curves on the bonnet part arising from under the windshield.
  • Make space for wheels, draw two ovals, add the spokes or alloy in the rim of the wheel using short straight lines.
  • Draw a long curve near the handle.
  • Draw a pair of lines near the bottom of the side body.
  1. Detail the Roof and Windows

Now that the car looks very well from the side and front, also the bonnet, we have to add details on its windows, the two of them.

  • Add a triangle at the backside for the small window, round the corners.
  • Add a line and make a rhombus for the front window.
  • You can make the steering using a semicircle with two lines from the center towards the rim.
  • Make the rearview mirror using two oval-shaped rectangles.
  • Add the lines around the body that give it’s a distinct look, the hard lines.


  • If someone ever told you mustangs are green, do not believe them. You can color them as you like.
  • Please try to refrain from using iPad or digital tablets to draw, and use paper and pencil instead.

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