Artwork, drawing, and painting are great hobbies.

Not only do they show your creative skills but they also keep you engagedWhen it comes to drawing a table, there are various ways to draw it.

For instance, you can draw a wooden table with thick legs or draw a fancy table with designable legs and drawers. The desk is another form of table that you can draw. In this article, we will tell you how to draw a table. Make sure you follow the steps so that you have a flawless drawing. Read on!

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Method 1

Drawing a table is not difficult. You just need to pay attention to the steps. Here are steps for drawing a table easily.

Step 1:

First, you need to draw a cube. It is important to draw a large cube. The cube will act as the tabletop. To do this in the correct manner, you need to draw a rectangle.

Once you have done this, draw another rectangle and make sure it is behind the first rectangle. You can use a pen or pencil. It is up to you. Also, after drawing both rectangles the way we have told you, you need to connect them by drawing lines.

Step 2:

You can now sketch out the surface of the table. The surface will act as the top of the table. Then, you need to draw the apron of the table. It is important to draw the legs of the table too.

After completing the legs and the tabletop, you need to erase the lines that are unnecessary, from the table. All lines must look dark and clear to the eyes. Use a ruler to make the lines. To make a rough sketch, we recommend drawing the lines without the help of using the ruler.

Step 3:

The next step requires you to add some style to the table. For example, if you want to make it three-dimensional or 3D, you can give it a unique look. You can draw the shadows to the unlit table part. Likewise, you can use pencil colors to further stylize your table drawing. This is the first method to draw the table.

Method 2

The second method that we are going to discuss is a bit different from the method we have explained above. This method is about drawing a table that looks a bit casual and thick. Make sure you follow the steps given below. This way, you can draw a casual, thick wooden table. The method that we are going to talk about will make the table look like a cartoon table.

This table will look three-dimensional and will have an isometric appearance. The method does not focus on the front side of the table. We think the isometric look of the table seems interesting and drawing it is fascinating.

Step 1:

The isometric look of the table requires you to first draw the tabletop. You must start drawing the table from the upper left corner. Slowly move to the right side and draw the rest of the table. A basic outline is necessary for the table. After drawing the outline, you need to add some dimension and details to the table. We will tell you this in the next step.

Step 2:

If you want a three-dimensional table, then you need to focus on the shape of the table – i.e. the rectangular shape. Imagine the real-life table and think of it as a 3D object. Following your imagination, you can draw a 3D isometric table the way you want.

After completing the top surface of the table, next, you need to draw the legs of the table. Since this is a 3D isometric table, you need to draw all four legs. You can do this by drawing four thin and long rectangular shapes. Each rectangular shape must align with each side or corner of the table.

Step 3:

Similar to the top surface of the table, make sure you add some dimension to the legs. Besides, if you want an aged table – i.e. pure wooden look, it is important to draw some wood lines on the legs and the top surface of the table.

The style of the lines is completely your choice. You can either make the lines look thick or subtle. After doing this, you can color the table. You can either use the pencil colors or paint using a small brush to give it a realistic look.


Wrapping up, there are different ways to draw a table. We have told you two different methods. One is about drawing a fancy table and the other one is about drawing an isometric 3D table that looks realistic. So, it is your choice to follow the first method or the second method. This way, you can learn how to draw different forms of the table.

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