Drawing can be pretty fun if you are guided along the way about the basics. Here we will help you if you are wondering how to draw a tiger.

  • The first step will be the face. We will start with the eyes. Keep a light hand on the pencil and slowly draw two semi circles. Thee semi circles will be acting as the sockets for the eyes. Try not to draw them too far away. Get a scale if you want to be sure about the measurements. Its fine if you don’t too. Once you’ve drawn light lines and they look fine then darken them.
  • Secondly, add two circles under the semi circles. These will be your tiger’s eyes. Add tiny pupils inside the eyes as well. You can shade them a little to give a realer look. Then add eyebrows as well. These will be just curved lines and not semi circles. Also make sure that they are not too far apart.
  • Now that our eyes are done, we can move on to the face.  Thirdly, the next step is to add more features on the face. Add a downward pointing triangle right below the eyes for the nose. Since we are drawing a cute and animated tiger, we now have to make the mouth. Draw an elongated W for the mouth. It should bend right under the nose. You can also add several horizontal curved lines under the mouth for effects.
  • Once that is done, move on to the face. Make the right side of the face by drawing light sketches and full cheeks on the tiger. Leave a little space and then draw the head of the tiger. The space you leave will be for the ears. Now once the sides of the face are drawn, add tiny ears on the top of the head. This will be in the space you left earlier. Additionally, you can draw lines inside the ear for effects. Or you can leave it be and color it in later.
  • Draw a semi-circle under the face and join it with the outlines of the face. This will be the chest of the tiger por the cub. Next, we will draw the tiger’s paws. Draw two straight lines right under the chest that we just made. Curve it near the bottom to enclose it. Once done, add smaller lines in the paws to give the shape of toes. Similarly, repeat the process again. This will you do it on the side for the other leg. Now we draw the back of the body. Extend a horizontal like from the paw. Extend another curved line right next to the chest. It should be curved and bowed out towards the end. Do not join both the lines.
  • Once you both the lines in place draw a paw at the back. This paw will help in joining both the lines that you just made. Once done you will have a paw that looks very much similar to the ones you drew in front. Again, it will be simply two vertical lines. Draw a curved horizontal line below to join the vertical ones. Add two smaller lines for the toes. Try not to make straight lines. It can make your tiger look stiff and unbending. Keep a light hand and draw light strokes for each line.
  • With this you have completed making the outlines for the body and the face of the tiger. Now it’s time to draw the tail. Make a bigger curve and a smaller curve of the same shape above. Join them together and close both the end so that it makes a tail. Make sure that the tail is not very long, or it can look weird and abnormal. Go for a small sized tail because that is always safe.
  • Lastly, add the stripes. Stripes are the most important detail of a tiger, so it is necessary to add them. Make two curved lines a little wide on both the cheeks. Both the curves on the cheeks should be facing each other. Next draw stripes all over the tiger’s body and its legs. These include the hind and the front legs. You will also add stripes on the tiger’s tail.

You can do more detailing on the face as well. Ad two curves on the forehead. Make sure that they are not too close to the eyebrows. The upper curve will be shorter as compared to the one below it. Now, color in all the stripes. You can color them black. Lastly, color the rest of the empty space orange. You can also shade in the eyebrows and eyes for extra effects.