1. Draw Christmas Tree step by step

Start by drawing unfinished “A”. The “A” should not have the cross-cutting line to make it look like an inverted “V”. Alternatively, you can start by drawing an isosceles triangle.

At the open end of your inverted “V”, draw a down-curving line to connect the two line ends. Doing that will turn your drawing into a cone-like shape. Since the Christmas tree is typically a conifer, this would be a nice point to start.

Next, draw similar yet slightly larger cones with no apex below the first one to form continuous layers of triangles that increase in size as you move downwards. You can draw as many layers as possible, depending on the size of your sheet or the size that you require.

Having done that, make the drawing a bit stylish by adding a star at the apex and the trunk at the bottom.

After, drawn the tree successfully, the next step is to keep it as attractive as possible. You can do that by simply adding a few circles and down-curving ribbons. To make it look decorative, you can use a combination of red and green color to give the best visual appeal. Now you should have a beautifully colored Christmas tree.

  1. Draw Christmas Tree-Simple overlapping Style

With your drawing tools and materials ready, start your Christmas tree by drawing a flat-shaped triangle having a flat base. Since shapes will be overlapping towards the top, you should draw the first triangle on the lower half of the sheet. To make your drawing more appealing, try to make the sides of your triangle a bit curving inwards.

After that, draw the same shape with the curved base slightly above the bottom of the first triangle, but the drawing should be somehow smaller. Continue adding the overlapping triangles with curved bases until you achieve a desirable shape and size.

Overlap the apex with a smaller size triangle to give an idea of stratified tree layers.

Next, add a trunk to your tree. You can do that by drawing a cylindrical shape at the base of the cone. Also, you can add a container shape of your choice at the bottom of the trunk.

Decorate the tree by adding a star at the apex and two dangling balls at the two lower corners of each overlapping triangle.

Add a mixture of large and small circles in the layers randomly.

Color the inside space of each layer with the same color.

Having done that, use contrasting colors to fill in the white circles. For an attractive tree, Christmas tree, decorate the dangling balls, some large circles, trunk and container the same color. When done with that, color the star and the remaining small balls with a different color, and you will love your tree.

  1. Draw Christmas Tree with Light and Ornaments

Assemble drawing tools and materials.

Begin by drawing an isosceles triangle or a reasonable size and attach a cylindrical trunk at the base of the drawn triangle.

After that, draw five curves across the triangle, with each curve extending beyond the sides of the triangle by a millimeter or two. To make a more appealing, ensure you draw the curves at consistent intervals.

Having done that, join the part of the curves extended beyond the curves by use of a slightly inward curving line.

On your curves, make serrated leaf margins. Having done that, make a wave-like outline and add balls of light to it in a pattern. This adds style and makes your drawing more visually appealing.

After that, draw different types of balls on the outline randomly to represent lights.

At the apex, add a stylish star and make it more colorful.

Then, erase all the guidelines.

Finally, decorate your tree with a green color.

  1. Draw Christmas Tree with Ornaments and Gifts under it

Begin by sketching a triangle on your drawing sheet.

After that, draw another small triangle at the apex.  Then draw a conspicuous triangle with downward curving sides and bulging downward touching the base of the already sketched triangle.

Draw triangles with curved sides similar to the one at the apex in an overlapping manner downwards until you draw the last one near the base.

After that, erase all the overlapping upper part of the triangle in the middle part of the sketch, leaving a continuous outline of the leaves shape on the margins and a hollow inside of the tree.

Add a trunk to your tree by drawing a better “W” of reasonable size at the base and add more to the sides of the first “W” to close the bottom.

Next, draw some curves in the hollow space running somehow slanting to create curves resembling a spiral. Having done that, add small circles along each curve to form a chain of circles.

When done with that, randomly draw circles of different sizes on the drawing.

Below the “W” at the base, draw two inward curving line of a reasonable length for the stump.

Draw little balls at every tip of the guidelines. And then add a semicircle at the point of attachment of every ornament.

At the bottom of the tree, draw three overlapping squares. On the right side of the trunk, draw two corresponding oval circles, with one towards the base of your tree and one at the bottom of the foliage.

Draw two vertical lines joining the two sides of the two oval circles to form a vertical cylinder. After that, draw two vertical lines and two horizontal lines dividing each square into four quarters.

At the top of each gift box, draw a small circle with two “3” facing each other with a circle between them to give a butterfly-like shape.

Color the in the whole leaves in green color and use other decorative hues for ornaments, gifts, star and the trunk. By finishing that, you will have a unique yet fantastic Christmas tree.

TIP: If you want to make a fantastic Christmas tree, use a pencil to draw the outlines. Also, don’t try to be a perfectionist. Instead, try to draw relaxed lines. You can use a computer as well to craft attention-grabbing x-mas tree artistically. Last but not least, use bright colors to color your drawing.

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