Today we are trying to draw a jet. Yes, the one that flies through the skies with great speed. A military jet used for combat as you have seen in movies. We will use simple lines and geometric figures to complete the drawing. This is for beginners and you can follow the steps given below to get help along the way.

  1. Look Online, Get a Picture, Get Supplies

First thing you need to do is get a picture of a jet. Here is the one I like. Then, get your supplies.

  • Find a jet picture like above.
  • Get your pencil, sharpener, and eraser.
  • Get some rough reusable paper like newspapers, magazines, packaging paper, etc.
  1. Draw the Main Body’s Skeleton

The main body of the jet is nothing but a tube that is flat at one end, and pointy on the other. This is easy and as simple as you follow.

  • Draw two lines parallel to each other.
  • At one end, draw a vertical line to join them.
  • At the other, draw a little curve from both lines and meet them at a point at the center.
  1. Draw the Wings and the Main Body

The above was the skeleton or guide for the main body. Use a picture like this.

  • The above is the side view of the jet, and we will draw the body like this.
  • First, draw the cockpit of the pilot with a little bulge on the tube’s pointy side.
  • Then, draw the wings on the rear felt-end side.
  • Draw the big wing at the end “with letter A” as in the picture.
  1. Complete on the Other Side

Refer back to the first picture and see that a jet has two wings of the same type as we did above; the one at the end rising vertically is single. We have done that already but we need to make the other pair on the other side.

  • Draw the other pair of the wing.
  • Add some curves to the body to add detail for the cockpit.
  • Draw the nose with a curved line near the pointy end.
  1. Draw Rockets and Missiles

These are a pair of tubes with a similar flat and pointy end as we did above, but smaller. The missiles are towards the bottom of the jet and on its wings.

  • Refer to the first picture.
  • Draw the tubes for missiles on its wing.
  • Draw tubes for missiles under its wings.
  • The jet is complete now.


  • Sketchbook and expensive materials are not needed at the first attempt.
  • You also do not need any drawing pencils, simple HB that you use is fine.

Do not use a pen at the first attempt.