Drawing a kitten might seem difficult but with a structured approach, it can be easy to draw a kitten and even highlight as well as shade the animal. Steps to follow for drawing a kitten are mentioned below:

  1. Start with Facial Circles

The first circle, slightly flattened at the edges, resembles the head of the kitten. After this is drawn, two curved lines can be added which intersect inside the kitten’s head. This can be left to complete later when the facial features are added in detail. A smaller circle can be drawn overlapping the lower side of the head which acts as the muzzle of the kitten.

  1. Make the Ears

Two triangles can be drawn on either side of the head to represent the ears of the kitten.

  1. Circle for the Body

In this step, a slightly elongated circle needs to be made for the body of the kitten. This should be drawn from the lower part of the ear of the kitten. The circle should be placed next to the facial circle and not very far. Two lines can be drawn to connect the body circle to the head. The top line should reach below the ear while the bottom line should curve and meet the vertical line placed inside the kitten’s head.

  1. Drawing the Legs

To draw the limbs three short lines can be placed below the body of the kitten. A curved line at the end the body circle will act as a guide for the tail. The shape of the legs can be drawn around the lines with short, quick strokes to denote the fur on the legs. The top part of the legs should be wider than the toes. Curved lines will help sketch out the paws. The first strokes should be light after which the lines can be darkened. Small lines can be drawn, curved at edges of the paw to represent the toes.

  1. Drawing the Eyes

In order to complete the face and especially the eyes, it is best to divide the face into quarters with two intersecting lines. Place each eye in the upper quadrants and narrow in the ends of the eyes. Draw a circle inside the eyes to represent eyeballs. Two elongated circles in between the eyeballs will represent the pupils. The eyeball can be shaded and the pupils made a shade darker.

  1. Complete the Nose and Whiskers

The nose can be drawn inside the muzzle by adding a small triangle. The triangle lines can be darkened. Make small indentations on top and on the sides to showcase the nostrils and draw out whiskers from the nose on either side.

  1. Drawing the Mouth

Draw out two circles from a point below the middle of the nose within the muzzle circle. Draw a chin below the mouth as a curved line.

  1. Completing the Ears

Ears can be made rounder with small curved strokes inside the ears to showcase fur. Once the fur is defined inside and by the edges of the ears then the ears are completed.

  1. Defining the Body

With the lines drawn for the body, one can complete it with short, quick strokes to represent fur of the kitten’s coat. Longer strokes can be used for the body hair which can be added with shades to complete body hair.

  1. Complete Tail and Shade the Body

To complete, add dimension to the tail of the cat. Shade the body, legs, tail, and face accordingly. With the above steps, one would have completed drawing a kitten which would have a good resemblance to a real one and can be done by children as well.