The comic series, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” is one of the most iconic comic series in the world.

With its international success, who wouldn’t know about the characters Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael? These pizza-loving, crime-fighting ninja turtles are one of the easiest characters to draw in comicsJust like a lot of people say: if you can draw one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle member, you can draw all of them.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have similar style and base character models. Characters are differentiated via their weapon selection, the color of their eye mask, and how the eyes are drawn. In this article, we will walk you through the easiest way to draw a TMNT face. This is a great way to connect art and fun times to your kids. If you grew up watching the series, drawing your favorite character can fuel your fun nostalgia. Cowabunga! Let’s get started.

Things you’ll need

This tutorial is meant to be for the use of paper and pencil. However, you can use any digital drawing tools or drawing tablets, too. You can easily undo your mistakes and erase unnecessary lines. Just make sure that you erase the outlines correctly later on. We’re drawing Raphael in this tutorial.

For the paper and pen gang, here are the art supplies you need:

  • Sketch Paper – or any paper in general
  • Coloring pencils – or any coloring material that you prefer
  • Pen and eraser – for drawing the outline and details.
  • Marker – the finalize each detail of the drawing

1. Draw The Outline

The first thing to do is to draw a perfect circle, which is the main base of the image. Cut the circle in two equal parts horizontally. Then, in the middle part of the circle, instead of drawing a straight line, you need to make a curve line for the eyemask outline. Add two eyes exactly in the middle of first and second quadrants, just barely touching the curved line.

2. Refine The Eyes

Add details to the eyes to make it more realistic. Add another layer of outline in the eye shape. Since this character is Raphael, make the edges of the eyes sharper. Draw a circle inside the eye, but erase the part that passes outside the eye shape. Next, draw a small circle inside and shade it properly. On the left side part of the shaded circle, erase a small portion of the eye, only a dot’s worth. This serves as the shimmer of the eye for our character. Don’t forget to add the eyemask outline in the side of the face.

3. Draw The Eyemask

Now for the eye mask, go to the middle line, right in front of the eye edges. Move your fingers up a little bit horizontally, and draw a slant line following the right eye. Stop when your line is the same as the edge of the eye. And then, draw a little horn upward. Next, draw a downward curve line that passes the middle outline. Do the other parts on the left side of the eye. Finally, draw a curve that follows the middle curve outline to connect the “hanging” lines in the third and fourth quadrant.

4. Draw The Mouth

Since Raphael is the rebel one, he got a pretty menacing look. To imitate this, draw a rectangle with rounded edges. Erase the upper and lower line from the rectangle and change it with curved lines. Add more details in the upper lip, and you should have a sketch like this.

5. Add More Details to The Eye mask And mouth

Now, Raphael and the other ninja turtles don’t have a circle head. Instead, they have more of a pear shape. To achieve this, drow a line at the edge of the horn that we drew in the eye mask. Each part of the circle that the line passes through will be erased. Do this for both left and right horns. Make sure that the line to the horn and the head is outlined perfectly for a darker shade. Add more details to the mouth and the bandana. For the teeth, don’t use a straight line to separate the upper and the lower part.

6. Add Outline Using Marker

Our image is almost complete. We need to make sure that we mark what we want with the image. Only mark the bits and details that you want to include in your final result. As you can see in the picture, the outer part of the circle from the original outline is not included. This is also a good chance to add more details in the eyes by shading the irises and focus on the shine.

7. Erase The Outline Using Your Eraser

Now, the fun part starts. Erase the pencil marks from the drawing using a good eraser. Sometimes, low-quality erasers will require you to apply more pressure to the paper. After this step, you will get a clear version of your drawing.

8. Finalize and Colorize

This step is optional. You can leave your color in black and white, or you can use coloring pens and crayons to enhance your color. Basic shadings are done for Raphael’s picture, but you can enhance yours and add more details. If you’re on a digital platform, you can also change the background easily and effortlessly.

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