You can make a great impression on people through your golf playing method. If you are not a professional golfer, you can still gain a lot of respect from people on the way you conduct yourself in the field.

A proper golf drive and understanding of gold ethics help establish positive relationships with the audience and playing partners. You can learn the basics of driving a golf ball by reading this article.

You can learn the skillset in a few minutes. However, practice is important and you need a long-life practice to have a consistent golf drive. This way, you can have an accurate shot. Here are the steps to drive a golf ball.

Step 1:

The first step is about the tee placement. You can start with you’re the front foot. Make sure your front foot is in line with the tee. The correction position to hit the ball off the tee is the upward angle.

Remember, if you think the tee is far in front or behind the front foot, then you can’t play the shot accurately. It is because the trajectory of your shot is not ideal. Thus, the ball won’t travel a long distance.

Step 2:

Alignment is the second most important factor you need to consider while driving a golf ball. For instance, when you look down at the golf ball, you need to put your feet in such a position that they face the same direction as your face or nose.

From this point, you need to imagine a line from the toes of your front foot to the toes of your back foot. The best way to check you have a proper alignment is to place the club across your toes. So, if it points to the target, then yes, you have perfect alignment.

Step 3:

The next step requires you to position your leading hand. It is either your right hand or left hand. Now lay the grip portion of the club in your fingers of the leading hand. Make sure it is in-line with your palms. Then, place your thumb with the club’s shaft parallel.

Once you have done this, you need to position your trailing hand. If you are a right-handed golfer, then it is your right hand. Now, identify the correct position in your hand and place the grip of your club across it. Next, wrap your thumb of your trailing hand over the thumb of your leading hand.

Remember, your trailing hand must form a V-shape – i.e. in the crease between your thumb and your hand. The thumb’s tip from your leading hand is in the middle of this V-shape crease of your trailing hand. These are important factors. You must take care of them.

Step 5:

You need to position the clubface. To do this, you must place the club in the downward position by the ball so that the club’s face is 90 degrees to the path of the target. Now, lift your club from its position. This is what golfers call backswing.

Next, bring the club over your head in a unique motion. Some golfers use a circular motion. We think the circular motion is the best way to properly make the backswing position. Now, you need to rotate your torso. To do this, simply shift your weight from the front foot to the back foot.

Remember, the backswing is a precision movement. Its main purpose is to correct your position into a coiled stance with great use of potential energy. Keep in mind that this is not the active part of the drive. So, you must not rush it.

Step 6:

Once you have properly positioned yourself for the backswing, the next you need to focus on is the downswing. Now, you should swing down assertively or by applying force. You can do this easily by unwinding your torso.

At the same time, you must extend your arms before you hit the golf ball. Besides, you must shift the weight of your body from the back leg to the front leg. Keep in mind that as long as you move forward while whipping your weight to the front leg, you will hit straight and long. The power in the swing or drive comes from how accurately you rotate your torso.

Step 7:

Make sure you let the momentum of your club so that it brings you back in the upright position. Otherwise, you can hurt your back. Also, you must keep your weight on the front leg. You should place your toe properly on the ground and it is with your back foot.

Wrapping up!

In conclusion, you can easily learn how to drive a golf ball if you follow the above-mentioned steps carefully and with proper attention. Lastly, practice is key. So, if your dream is to become a professional golfer like Tiger Woods, you need to continue practicing, keep your momentum up, and your motivation going.

How do you drive a golf ball for beginners?

What is the best stance for driving a golf ball?

The ball position with the driver should be farthest forward, just inside your left heel, then move progressively farther back until you get to your wedges, which should reside squarely in the middle of your stance.

Should you choke down on your driver?

Choking down on your driver is also a good method when you need to play a tee shot into the wind. The speed of your swing will be reduced when you choke down, which means your spin rate should be reduced as well.

Should you choke up on driver?

In certain situations, yes, choking up on the driver can help a lot. By choking up an inch and making your normal move, it’ll create less spin and stay underneath the wind. Finally, choking up on a driver is a good idea if you‘re playing a tight hole and really need to find the fairway.

How does tee height affect driving distance?

From looking at these points it can become quite obvious that when you’re teeing too high you’re going to be hitting the ball above the sweet spot and therefore higher in the air while losing distance. If you tee up too low, you’re going to cutting the grass with your shot, which will also rob you of a lot of distance.

Do pros use shorter drivers?

Most pro golfers use shorter shafts on their drivers than recreational golfers. That’s why the majority of drivers on the market today come with stock shafts that are either 45 or 45.5 inches in length. The PGA Tour, however, resides somewhere in the 44.5- to 45-inch range, with some players going considerably lower.

Should hands be in front of ball with driver?

The ball should be positioned forward in the stance therefore you DO NOT start with your hands ahead of the ball at set up. Because the ball is on a tee, the driver will hit the ball on the upswing and your hands will be in the middle of your body at impact. Your hands will not be forward at impact with the driver!

Can standing too close to the golf ball cause a slice?

Standing too close to the ball causes a loss of posture, reduction in arm extension, loss of balance, loss of speed, toe hits, slices, low hooks and a change in swing path. Always check you setup first when you start hitting errant shots.

Do you use same grip for driver and irons?

Yes, you should use the same grip for all of your shots with the exception of putting. It is important to have a solid grip and one that returns the clubface to square whether you are putting, chipping, pitching, hitting bunker shots or making full swings with your woods or irons.

What happens if golf ball is too far forward in stance?

If it’s too far forward, it may be causing you to hit thin or fat shots and miss shots to the left. If it’s too far back, you could be hitting tops, chunks, and missing the ball to the right.

Why can I hit my 3 wood further than my driver?

Why Does My 3 Wood Go As Far As My Driver? One of the primary reasons your 3 wood goes as far as your driver is that your driver may have too little loft for your swing speed. In order to take advantage of lower lofts (under 10 degrees for example), you need to have a relatively high swing speed.

Does a strong grip fix a slice?

Can Ball position cause a slice?

If you hit a lot of slices, you should “strengthen” your left-hand position on the club. Many people believe the hand positions should mirror each other, but when you take a strong left-hand grip, doing the same with the right will close your clubface too much at impact.

Is my driver ball position too far forward?

The forward ball position shifts the shoulders open to the target, which leads to an out-to-in swing and usually a slice. Standing too far from the ball pulls the upper body downward, leading to a compensating stand-up move through impact, another common cause of the slice.

Will a weak grip cause a slice?

Ball too far forward. When the ball is too far forward while hitting the driver, you will have trouble ‘reaching’ the ball at impact – meaning you will hit the ball low on the face most of the time. If you feel that impact is taking place low on the face, try moving the ball back in your stance an inch or two.

How do you fix a slice off the tee?

Weak Grip, Death Grip

– They might have a so-called “weak grip,” which means that their thumbs are more at the top of the club; so, when they swing, they leave the club face open–which causes them to slice. This will restrict the swing, the tightness of the grip will affect the arms, and the ball will slice.

What causes a slice off the tee?

How do you grip a golf club to fix a slice?

For most people, the back arm is the key to why they slice the ball. The back arm is the arm furthest away from the hole. When you bring the club back to start the swing, make sure your back elbow keeps contact with your side as long as possible.