Many of the things we do make others feel better about themselves and actually help to earn respect.

Feeling good about yourself is so easy but to put at the will of others when it should be only up to youIf you want to be respected, you need to work on that.

  1. Give Respect, Take Respect

You should speak from your heart and what actually you believe in so that you can stand behind your words, actions, and beliefs.

  • To earn respect, you need to first learn to be respected.
  • You need to work around your community first, cultivate sincerity in your community.
  • Being sincere makes you a portrait of respect.
  • You need to learn how to act when you are even crowded with different people and act like you act when you are alone.
  • You should learn how to handle social pressure. Stick to your personality.
  1. Listen to Others

This seems dumb but it is one of the most important parts to earn respect for you. You should wait and listen to others and learn if that is new to you.

  • We always want to share our views but sometimes it is better to be a good listener and learn stuff.
  • Listening to other people’s thoughts, ideas will help you to earn the respect of people you are surrounded by.
  • To present yourself as an active listener, it is good to ask lots of questions. This will spice up the conversation and will show your interest in the conversation.
  • You should give other people’s thoughts some try as if someone recommends you a book or something, just get some basic idea about the book.
  1. Praise Others

You should give respect to others so they respect you too. It shows that you are not self-centered; you care about other people too.

  • You should try giving out compliments to the actions, ideas or statements of other people.
  • Most people are self-centered and get jealous so easily when someone else gets success but you need to gather yourself and compliment the noble ideas or actions.
  • You should be able to show others that you care about them too.
  • Don’t fool around with your compliments, you have to make it realistic.
  • Do not be overly enthusiastic or don’t praise more than the action deserve otherwise it will harm your respect only.
  1. Commiserate Others

You should learn the skills of commiserate others. This shows an important way to respect others and be respected.

  • You should be able to anticipate the emotional condition of the person and show yourself more caring, thoughtful and attentive.
  • Need to start learning the body language like to anticipate when people are upset or frustrated; you will notice a change in their facial expressions.
  • Need to learn how to give empathy or how to adjust your behavior or your actions appropriately.
  • You should give enough space to other people as when they need emotional assistance, be available but when they do not need one just back off.
  • You should try talking to those who need sympathy. Talking blow off steam.
  1. Don’t Isolate Yourself

You should never isolate yourself from your past colleagues, friends or anyone. It is just a matter of time when you are in need and have to call for a favor.

  • It helps you to earn respect in the eyes of others to be in touch with others even when you do not need anything from them.
  • Try calling or texting your friends and let them know when you are thinking of them.
  • You should share stuff about your life like your successes and failures with your family. You need to share things with your parents like “How are you?”
  • Do not treat work friends just as a colleague; you should treat them as your real friends.
  1. Stick to Your Words

You should be able to back your words what you said earlier. No one care about the people who just say random stuff and mostly flaky or unreliable.

  • You should stand up to your commitments and promises, you made to them. This will surely help you to earn some respect before everyone.
  • Being punctual is a part of the stick to your words as do your assignments on time and make no lame excuses.
  • Even if you have to cancel some meetings or change some plans, don’t make excuses just be clear to them so they can understand.
  1. Be Confident

If you know that you are looking confident, strong person, ultimately you will start to feel like a conqueror and people will see you as one. Dressing plays an important role in it.

  • Assign a little time every day to check your personal hygiene and make sure you are dressed for the occasion and presenting yourself well.
  • Dress for confidence. The dressing should not be the base of your confidence. So, you need to practice wearing clothes which makes you feel unpleasant but still, you need to feel confident about it.
  • If you believe you look good, it will definitely boost your relationship with others like colleagues, friends, relatives, strangers, etc.
  1. Have Convenient Behavior

It is necessary that you seem approachable, a person can come up to you and say hello and doesn’t regret it. Our body language says a lot about our attitude as,

  • If you have your arms and legs crossed, you are telling the world that you are not interested in inviting them in.
  • Similarly goes to your face and hands, like if it is clear you are occupied with something different, people will take that hint.
  • And try not to be hesitant about your body language, when you begin feeling confident, you will naturally begin to improve your posture.
  1. Don’t Apologize

When you keep apologizing to everyone, in everything constantly, without giving a second thought to it will defend you from getting respected.

  • Refrain yourself from using the word ‘sorry’ a hundred times in a day over every little thing that has gone wrong.
  • The constant apology made by you will bring a sense of insecurity in others and they will start reassessing their decision to trust and respect you.
  • Yes, we make mistakes but not every mistake requires you to apologize, always assess the time and place to see whether the apology is expected out of you or not.
  1. Don’t Keep Interrupting

It is appreciable that you have knowledge about things like others do, but when you’re talking to them make sure that you don’t keep cutting them off in the middle of their conversation. This will tick them off.

  • Wait for your turn to put forth your opinion, even if it is urgency, wait and once the other person is finish, start your opinion mentioning their words but once.
  • If you think you right now need to cut off the person, politely enter the conversation by excusing yourself and then put forth your views about the situation.


  • Earning respect is not that tough as you think it is but maintaining that is hard. Like if you have spent years gaining that kind of respect, it requires only one foolish action to make it a ghost.

Live up to your values, do not change or follow any unethical path to gain some respect.

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