If this is your first time attempting to edit videos on your MacBook Air, then you’re in luck.

Apple is well-known for providing original software that Mac users can take advantage of on their computersAs such, unlike Windows PC competitors, Macs come pre-installed with free photo and video editing software.

Introducing iMovie

iMovie represents an application developed by Apple, which allows its users to easily edit videos in a professional manner, thanks to the app’s numerous tools and features. The software can be used on all Apple products, including the MacBook series, iMac, iPhone and iPad.

Editing videos via iMovie

To get started with the application, simply click on the iMovie icon on your MacBook air. If, by any chance, the app is not present on your laptop, you can always download it from Apple’s official website.

Once the app is on, you’ll be able to import the original video file that you wish to edit. To do so, simply drag and drop the file onto the iMovie window, or click on Open, and select your file. You are now free to use the available tools to edit the video to your liking. Some of the things you can do include:

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  • Cut the clips, to remove unnecessary scenes;
  • Add background music to the video;
  • Add photos, or photo slideshows to the clip;
  • Also add effects of all types, including themes, or transitioning effects for a smoother and more immersive video;Choose from a collection of studio-quality titles and credit animations;
  • Give your videos a cinematic touch, by choosing one of the many creative video filters that iMovie provides;
  • Change the speed of certain scenes in your video, or use professional effects such as picture-in-picture.

Do keep in mind that professionally editing videos on your MacBook Air will require a bit of practice. However, even a beginner can do many of the things listed above. Once you’re finished with editing your clip, simply save it, or click on export to choose a specific format for saving – such as MP4.

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