How to Embed a YouTube Video

Instead of copy-pasting the URL of the video it is a better idea to embed the video. By embedding the video viewer does not need to leave the current video and watch it, this irritates the viewer. Rather doing so, by embedding the YouTube video, the viewer can play and watch the video on the same page. To do so you need to follow these steps:

  • From your computer, go the video on YouTube which needs to be embedded.
  • Below the video there is an option of Share, press it.
  • A window will open, click on Embed.

  • From the box appeared, copy the code shown.
  • Paste this code where you want your video to be placed.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint 

A more advanced and convenient way to add video in your presentation is to embed your video in the PowerPoint. To insert a video with the help of embed code, follow these steps:

  • After opening the desired video on YouTube, click on its “share” option and look for the “Embed” option beneath the video and copy that string
  • Get back to your presentation slide where you want to embed your video, go to insert tab and look for “Video” open and click on “Online Video”

  • Now insert the copied string in the “From a Video Embed Code” section and press Enter to continue 

You can also resize the video and move it to your desired location on the slide

How to Embed a YouTube Video in Google Slides

Videos also add spark to the presentation and engage the target audience more effectively. But it can be a disaster if the video is not played or misshaped, ending up spoiling your image. To avoid such a situation, we have simplified things for you so you can easily embed your reference to YouTube videos in your presentation. Embedding helps you in making a continuity without changing the tab again and again.

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  • Open your presentation on google slides
  • Navigate the “Insert” tab and select the option “Video”.
  • A box will pop up in which YouTube option is already available for you

Now you have three options to put your video: 

Simple search out the video by its name on YouTube search and select the button “Add” to the slide.

Enter URL

The quickest and easy way is to add the URL so get the exact video in the slide, as you already know your content to be shown in the presentation. Select “Add” and continue.

Enter from Google Drive

If you are having your researched material in your google drive than you do not need to search for the video or the URL of the video again. Simply search it out in the third option from your Google Drive and you are good to go.

After embedding the video, you can move and resize the video in Google Slides

How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint on a Mac

PowerPoint for Mac does not support embed code option or any “Search YouTube”.

You need to follow these steps to insert your YouTube video into your PowerPoint presentation on OSX:

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  • Copy the URL of your video which you want to embed in your presentation
  • Select your slide on which you want to show your video and like on “Insert” button on the top ribbon 
  • Inside the Insert option, you will see at the right side “Video” icon, click on the drop-down arrow and select the option “Online Movie…” from the list
  • A box will pop up, paste your URL we copied before
  • Now your video is embedded in your PowerPoint presentation, you can resize or move anywhere you want 

How to Embed a YouTube Video on Facebook and Twitter

Embedding a video from YouTube on Facebook or twitter is a different process than embedding on a website. Facebook does not expose the source of the videos on it nor twitter. When the link is posted on the Facebook post or twitter box is displayed within the post. It can be scanned, played or paused by embedding the controls in playback. 

  • Find out the video on YouTube which you want to embed on your Facebook/Twitter. Click on “Share” below the video and you will see a list of videos. Click on the Facebook or Twitter logo to embed the video on the desired place on Facebook (simple for twitter) and click on the “Share” option. 
  • Another way to share the video is to copy the string under the sharing option given 
  • Paste this string into your Facebook/Twitter post (on your account or in a group/page for Facebook), add a description and click on “Post” to publish the embedded video

How to Embed a YouTube Video in HTML

Videos on the website help in engaging more audience and benefits you. You can easily add your YouTube videos to your website with the help of HTML tags:

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  • Search out your video on YouTube and play the video
  • Beneath the video there is a share option, click on the “embed” button and copy the string below it shown
  • Now, paste this code to your HTML of your website page 

How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress 

YouTube videos help in cheering the website and engage greater traffic. You can easily embed the videos in your posts, widget areas, on pages as well as in the comment section. 

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URL Embedding

URL embedding is the easiest way. Copy the URL of the video on YouTube from the browser’s address bar and paste it into your Visual editor on the page or post of your website. Remember that this URL needs to be passed in your WordPress Page. But you need to insert the HTML code by using the “Text” editing mode of the page not in the “visual” editing mode. 

Note that to embed the video you need a full link, do not use short links

Shortcode Embedding

For the customization of the size of the video, Shortcode is used. You need to generate the code by customizing the video URL and replacing it with the URL listed here. 

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How do I embed a You Tube video?

Inserting video clips
  1. Click on Insert Stuff from the tool bar.
  2. Select Embed Code.
  3. Paste your embed code into the box.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Insert.

What does it mean to embed a YouTube video?

Embed a YouTube Video

This means that your website is borrowing your video from another platform. Your video lives on YouTube, but visitors to your website, can watch the video directly on your webpage. How do I embed a YouTube video?

How do I embed a video into my website?

How to embed video in HTML
  1. Step 1: Edit your HTML. Go into edit mode for the page, post, or section of your website where you’d like to embed the video.
  2. Step 2: Copy your embed code. Next, copy your embed code.
  3. Step 3: Paste the embed code into your HTML.

How do I get the embed snippet of a video?

When viewing a video on YouTube, click on the Share button located under the video player. Then click on the Embed sub-link. You can now copy the Embed snippet and paste it into your product’s ALT text box.

What is embed code for video?

An embed code is simply a small piece of computer code that activates the video player and displays it in the context of your web page. In your web browser, log in to your video hosting service. Find the video you want to embed, and click the video name. Click the Embed link below the player.

Where is embed code on YouTube video?

1. Locate the video you wish to use and click on the Share link located beneath the video. 2. Next, click on the Embed icon The embed code will then be displayed.

What happens when you embed a video?

Embedding allows you to take your video — or someone else’s video — and post it on a web page outside of Vimeo. For example, you can embed a video on your blog and then people can watch your video there without having to visit Vimeo.

How do I get the embed code from an mp4 video?

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How do I get the embed code for a video?

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How do I download an embed code from a video?

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How do I get the embed code from a URL?

Copy the url of the site you would like to embed, and paste it into the INSERT YOUR URL HEREarea of the code, for example: <iframe src=”” height=’800px’ width=’750px’></iframe>

What is the embed code?

An embed code provides a short code usually in HTML language for users to copy and paste into a website. Typically, it provides the source link and height and width of the item. Don’t worry–you will not need to know the meaning of the code. The most important part is making sure you copy ALL of the provided code.

How do you embed a video in HTML?

To embed a video in an HTML page, use the <iframe> element. The source attribute included the video URL. For the dimensions of the video player, set the width and height of the video appropriately. The Video URL is the video embed link.

What is the correct html5 for video?

The <video> HTML element embeds a media player which supports video playback into the document. You can use <video> for audio content as well, but the <audio> element may provide a more appropriate user experience.

Which tag is used for video in HTML?

Description. The HTML <video> tag is used to embed video into your web page, it has several video sources.

How do I embed a YouTube video in HTML?

Embed a video
  1. On a computer, go to the YouTube video you want to embed.
  2. Under the video, click SHARE .
  3. Click Embed.
  4. From the box that appears, copy the HTML code.
  5. Paste the code into your blog or website HTML.

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