Step 1: Keep Yourself Distracted and Tired During Christmas Eve

  1. Set your alarm to wake you up a little bit early in the morning of the Christmas Eve

Waking up earlier than usual means that you will carry out more extra tasks than you are used to, thereby making you overly exhausted as the evening comes.  Apart from that, you can sleep as late as you can in the night before the x-mas Eve to gain more than enough urge to sleep.  When you feel a great urge to getting to sleep at daytime the day of Christmas Eve, resist and try to keep yourself as busier as you can. Also, you can select your favorite playlist to listen to the soothing songs on Eve. If you keep to this, having an irresistible sleep on the Eve of Christmas will be unstoppable.

  1. Go through rigorous exercises during the day

Having energy-draining exercises during the day is another surefire to getting a tight sleep on the x-mass eve. If you always take somebody fitness exercises daily, for this time, you should make it a notch higher to ensure that you’re fully exhausted. Some of the activities that you can try out in this sleep hunt mission include going for walks, cycling, engaging in some jumping jacks. If the outdoor space is too snowy and unfit for any exercise, you can try an exercising game such as the Wii Fit. You can also try taking a bath and relaxing for about 45 minutes before going to bed.

  1. Actively engage in Christmas Day preparation

Another way of getting a nice sleep on Christmas Eve is by getting busier in preparation activities of the upcoming celebrations. Apart from handling various activities geared towards making the big day one of its kind, you can also help friends, relatives and even neighbors to get set for the day. It can go without saying that helping others on Christmas Eve in preparation for events drives your mind off the excitement but still keeps you happy while enjoying the tasks.

  1. Keep track of Santa’s progress around the world

This is one of the activities that that can help drain your brain while enjoying the feel. To do that, you can use online platforms such as NORAD Tracks Santa. Also, you can use Google Santa Tracker to get busier and excited and later fall asleep.

Step 2: Prepare Adequately to Have a Nice Sleep

  1. Think of the charismas eve as a normal night

Taking this night like any other normal night will help to shift your attention from the upcoming events thereby keeping a bay the overexcitement that may keep you awake. Therefore, you can do the usual things that you always naturally do at night.

  1. Take a warm drink, preferably warm milk

Warm milk is popular due to its high nutritional value. It contains nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, and L-tryptophan. But that’s isn’t the focus of this article. Apart from being highly nutritious, warm milk can be comfortable and soothing. As such, it will lull you to sleep. Other than taking warm milk, you can take a whole-wheat toast buttered with almond, or eat cheese with apple slices.

  1. Avoid caffeine drinks

Taking drinks such as coffee, tea and other beverages containing caffeine may not work well for you. Especially when you want to have a tight sleep on the Christmas Eve. When you take such drinks, they will make you hyper and mentally active for the better part of the night. Also, avoid drinking any energy drink as it may have the same effect just like the other caffeine drinks. Instead, you can opt for herbal tea.

  1. Play games with someone

Playing a quiet game while on the bed is another shot that has worked before for some people. Some games such as Mad Libs are such great games that you can play with another hyper friend, siblings, or alone. However, you should avoid playing intuitive games on Xbox and any other game plaid on electronics such as Nintendo Wii & DS, PSP, and PS3 a few hours before bedtime. Should you play any of the mentioned electronic game, you will remain awake even under your warmest blanket.

  1. Take a warm bath

Taking a warm bath also works pretty well if you’d like to have a quick sleep. It relaxes the muscles and brings a sense of easiness, both physically and mentally. As such, it will make you fall asleep earlier. For a better effect, submerge yourself in scented bubbles and use scented soap as the sweet smell relaxes the mind too.

  1. Relax yourself

Before you can think of sleeping, you should calm down your excitements and stop jumping up and down. Staying hyperactive will not only help you to build up excitement but also keeps off the sleep. Therefore, you should go for what keeps calm and gentle. Some of the things that work well when it comes to calming down include listening to your favorite music and reading a book.

Since you aim to fall asleep as soon as you should, we prefer choosing your least favorite to get you bored enough to fall asleep. In addition to that, you can put on soft soothing music that can relax your mind and usher you into sleep pretty fast. If need be, you can also try out burning scented candle. As a word of caution, extinguish the candle before being carried off by sleep.

  1. Avoid peeking at the Christmas tree

One of the sleep robbing mistakes that you should avoid on Christmas Eve is peeking at that colourful and attractive tree.  This does not only spoil surprises but also keeps awake for an extended time in the night due to the excitements. Most interestingly, you should remind yourself that Santa Claus knows when you’re awake and won’t come soon. Even though it might sound corny, it works well for some individuals.

Step 3: Keep Yourself Comfortable when you get to bed on Christmas Eve

  • When you get to the bed, have it in mind that Santa Claus knows when you’re sleeping and won’t come when you’re awake. Also, you should understand that the more you sleep the more Christmas approaches faster, and soon it would be the de day.
  • Ensure you’re in a comfortable sleeping position. Scrunch up as tightly as you can for 30 seconds, and then relax. After that, you can try to hold up again. Eventually, you will feel tired. After that, fluff your pillow to get something more comfortable for resting your head, thereby making it easier to fall asleep.
  • Fall asleep with your pet if you have one. Having your pet with you on the bed can help you to fall asleep faster since you have your pet to keep watch in the room.
  • Keep yourself either warm or cold, depending on the prevailing temperatures.  If it’s too cold, keep yourself warm by using extra blankets and an air conditioner.
  • Listen to low Christmas music while meditating on the reason why people celebrate Christmas. As you do that, you will start feeling sleepy.

How do you make time go faster on Christmas Eve?

How old is Santa Claus?

Santa is 1,750 years old!

What do you do on Christmas Eve?

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve Traditions for Couples
  • Movie in Bed. Curl up in bed and watch one of your favorite Christmas movies together.
  • Sexy Stockings.
  • Exchange Ornaments.
  • Bake a Sweet Treat.
  • Look at the Christmas Lights.
  • Exchange a Meaningful Gift.
  • Cook Dinner Together.
  • Set up a Hot Cocoa Bar.

What can I do alone on Christmas Day?

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th day of every December, and during this holiday, families join together to open gifts that Santa put under their Christmas tree. However, some families open presents on Christmas Eve, even though is out of tradition.

Is it OK to spend Christmas alone?

Here are a bunch of ideas:
  • Do things that feel distinctly Christmas-ish. If not being able to participate in your favorite Christmas traditions is going to make you feel particularly sad or lonely, welljust do the traditions alone!
  • Do a puzzle. Maybe a Christmas one!
  • Work on your hobbies.
  • Eat yummy food.

What can I do with my family on Christmas Day?

If being alone on Christmas is unavoidable, plan a day for yourself. Buy something online to treat yourself, cook your favorite foods, or plan a movie marathon. Or, cut through the clichés and do something offbeat like learning a new language or starting work on the novel that’s always been in your head.

Is Christmas Eve a holiday in 2020?

Christmas Day Dates
Year Christmas Day
2020 Friday, December 25
2021 Saturday, December 25
2022 Sunday, December 25
2023 Monday, December 25

What day of the year is Christmas out of 365?

Yes Christmas Eve is a federal holiday in 2020. In 2018, when the government was experiencing a shut down, the President declared Christmas Eve a federal holiday.

What is the best day for Christmas to fall on?

This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 25 June 2021. December 31 is the 365th day of the year (366th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; It is known by a collection of names including: Saint Sylvester’s Day, New Year’s Eve or Old Years Day/Night, as the following day is New Year’s Day.