You can easily fax your word document, the spreadsheet, and even your presentation via Google Docs.

There are a number of ways you can approach the matter at hand.

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How to Add Fax to Google Docs?

One can argue all day about the fax machine’s presence in the present day. Yet, when it comes to productivity and environment-friendliness, there isn’t much that could be said.

  • One of the options is to put an online fax service to good use. Here you don’t even need a fax machine as everything is online. You can use this service to send the fax on email.
  • An alternate method for achieving a different result would be to connect a wired or a wireless fax machine to the computer.
  • The fax machine will show up in the ‘Printers’ section after you select the file for printing.
  • You might have to enter other information such as the fax number etc. to complete the process.

How to Fax from Google Drive?

Google Drive is your go-to place to store any and all kinds of documents and files for our future reference. Here is how you can go about sending a fax from Google Drive.

  • You can use a fax service which is based on online use and only requires an internet connection. Most of such services send the fax as the cover page of an email.
  • Another method can be using a real fax machine connected to the computer and sending the document to print through the fax machine.

Helpful Add-Ons or Plug-Ins

Another helpful method of sending a fax from Google Docs ( would be installing an add-on for this particular job.

  • There are a few useful add-ons available in the ‘Chrome Web Store’ which can be used to directly fax your file from the Google Docs.
  • Initially, you will have to sign up with your Google account to continue using the add-on.
  • Here you will have to enter the fax number and select the pages you want to fax.
  •  You will even get an email from the application add-on confirming that the fax has been successfully sent.


  • You can always go the manual way-printing the document from Google Docs and then letting the fax machine do its job.

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Make sure that there are no errors in the file before you go through with faxing it.

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