How to Find a Subletter for your Apartment

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Making moves in life is one of the best feelings anyone could ever have. One of those moves could be when you seek to move out of your rental house to your own. You might have other tangible reasons as to why you are moving out of your rental house. When you decide to move out; one,  you can pay for the house even if you don’t live in it, secondly, you can cancel the leasing contract, and thirdly, you can choose to sublet it. If you choose the third option, you must be cautious to ensure you choose the right person. By right person we mean one who wont give you sleepless nights because of delayed payments.  This is how to find the right subletter.

  1. Identify The Kind of Subletter You Want to Occupy the Apartment

By accepting to sublet your apartment,  you become like a landlord. You have the right to bring in tenants and send them parking. As such, when finding a subletter, list down the type of occupants you want for example doctors, students or unmarried couples. Also, include the requirements that they must fulfill.

This ensures you have a place to refer anytime a prospective occupant comes knocking. The requirements you enlist should be realistic. Do not list down things that will make it hard for your prospective subletter move in to your apartment.

  1. Social Media

In many instances people will overlook social media in their search for a subletter. Do not be among this clique of people who ignore the fact that social media can do the magic. You must expand your marketing capabilities and leverage in almost all the social media platforms. Through social media, you are able to reach a large clientele base without incurring any cost.

And if you incur any cost, it is less compared to other marketing mediums. Social media is a tool that you can’t ignore when looking for an ideal subletter. Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are the key social platforms you can use. Do not shy off from telling your friends and family members to share your posts. By so doing, you will end up getting someone to sublet your apartment.

  1. Talk to your landlord

You must accept the fact that finding someone to sublet your apartment is not an easier task. You might get frustrated and time is not always on your side. To ensure you beat the deadline and pay the let on time, you can talk to the landlord or the lease office. Talking to your landlord smoothens the subletting process.  In cases where the landlord or the leasing office cooperates with you, then you are sure that they will connect you with someone willing to rent your apartment. Having the blessings of the landlord before you engage in a subleasing contract is quite important. It is important to give reasons in writing as to why you choose to sublet the apartment.

  1. Offering a Discount

Who does not like a discount? Another way to attracting a subletter is offering a discount on the subletting price. There are numerous ways to do that. You can lower the rent, pay for the bills, or leave the apartment partially furnished. This will do magic in finding the right subletter. With all this, it will be hard to get someone who will simply get attracted to your apartment to enjoy the offer.

  1. Retrace the Steps on How You Got to the Apartment in Question

Do you know how you found your apartment is important in finding a subletter? This is because someone somewhere might be looking for an apartment to rent and will possibly choose to follow your steps. If you found the apartment on an ad then that should be the way to go about it. How you got the apartment could be the best way to use to find a subletter.

NB: Under the subletting, you are still held accountable by the landlord for any rent arrears. This is why we stress on taking time to find the right subletter who makes rental payments promptly. Do not hesitate from ending the contract when you get red signs of someone about to default the rent.

Tips: When giving out the information related to your apartment, it is important to include all the relevant information. This information includes; the physical location of the apartment, your phone number, the name of the apartment, key amenities, photos and rental price. This will ensure that the prospective subletter has all the key information when approaching you. Be honest in all the information you give. Do not make things look all rosy when they are not.

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