It is quite a difficult task to know the location of someone, but in the era of technology, everything is possible.

You can say that technology has made these things possibleSo here are some ways by which you can find the location of someone with the help of a cell phone.

  1. By Using His Number

As already mentioned, there are many ways to determine the location of someone and they vary from each other i.e. with the help of number, IMEI etc. You can easily track a person by his cellphone’s number. But for doing this you have to reach to the Android or iOS or even iOS iClound account of that person in order to do this.

We will be able to track every cellphone number. And you can just locate the location of a cell phone number based on 2 factors. And they are:

  • GPS location of a person. This is usually done by using the traditional signals of GPS which are linked to the device which is connected to a particular phone number.
  • The networks of Wi-Fi which is accessed by someone.
  • The information which is available at the nearby location of the network of Wi-Fi can be easily identified which is based on the location of a particular network is linked to.
  1. With the Help of IMEI Number

And when almost everyone is carrying a cell phone with him, which is a product of technology, the task of tracing someone becomes a bit easy. The IMEI number can be found on the back side of a mobile or under the side of the removable battery. In case, your phone is lost, yet its package is kept, you can still discover the IMEI number on its package.

  • First of all, search in Google Play for “IMEI tracker”, thereafter discover the app named ‘anti-theft’ and IMEI Location of All Tracker” on your phone. Ensure that the phone is running on Android version 4.4 or higher. At this point, start introducing the app.
  • Once the establishment is completed, run the app. Give each & everyone the consents that the application will request, including calls, contacts, SMS, and even area.
  • On the simple off chance that you are following your phone, all of the consents will be important in order to actuate the full usefulness of it. Press the “proceed” in order to proceed onward in the line of watching just a small business.
  • This free of cost app is incredible; still, the most important issue is that it has a lot of advertisements that you are required to view. Unluckily, you cannot avoid these ads, if that video isn’t yet started stacking; you are less likely to go to the next stage.
  • Input the obtained IMEI number of your phone that is lost, and then check it on your info, and then tap ‘Track’. After this, a small window with a proper run down of spots will then show up, exactly showing the area and the vicinity of your phone.


  • Don’t throw the package in which your IMEI number is written, otherwise, you won’t be able to find it.

If your phone is lost, then try to use the IMEI number as soon as you can.

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