Jeans are one of the most durable types of clothing in the world. You can wear it for years without getting any noticeable wear and tear. Although the color might fade in time, it adds to the charm of the overall jeans. With these jeans, you can always get practical wear that also looks good when paired with different styles.

If there’s one thing that needs to be replaced, then that would be the jeans button. Jeans buttons are also durable compared to other kinds of buttons. But it is unavoidable when the things that keep it together deteriorate because of wear and tear. In this article, we will feature how to replace your jeans buttons (with and without a prepared replacement button).

7 easy steps in fixing a broken jeans button

For this option, you need a replacement button handy. It’s helpful for situations where you don’t have to wear jeans and can replace them for another time. If the situation requires you to wear jeans, or if you only have one pair of jeans in your closet, skip this tutorial and go to the quick fix version below.

Here are the things you will need to fix your broken jeans button.

  • Hammer – to attach the button to the tack
  • Replacement jean button – to replace the old broken button
  • Button Tack – holds the button in place.
  • An even and sturdy surface – for hammer time!
  1. Sew the hole where the old button was attached (optional)

Sewing the hole where the old button used to be is optional because you can move your button to another area. But if you want to install the new jeans button at the same place as the old one, you need to make sure the tack and the button won’t go through the hole. Hence, you will need to cover it thoroughly.

  1. Find a good spot to repair your jean button

You need an even and sturdy surface to repair your jeans. This is to make sure that you won’t hurt yourself while using a hammer. In addition, it’s a way to get the right strength to install the new jean button to the tack, and not to destroy it.

  1. Lay the jeans in the table to pinpoint new button location

This step is essentially the best way to get the right spot to install the jeans if you’re not going to install it at the former button position. If you placed the new button in the wrong position, you might end up with a very loose or very tight waistline. Alternatively, you can measure the proper button position by wearing it and marking the appropriate place.

  1. Push the button tack to the jeans

Push the tack into the new area where you want to install your button. Do this until the needle crossed the fabric’s other side. Usually, you don’t need to use the sewing tools in this step if you have enough power in your hands. However, if you can’t push the tack to puncture the jeans, you can use scissors and other means to puncture a small hole and insert the tack inside it.

  1. Position the new button exactly to the tack

Insert the replacement button on the tack. Make sure you position and angle it properly. This will also be the last time you’d be able to change your button position.

  1. Hammer time

Now that the new button is snugly inserted in the tack, its time to secure it to the place. Use the hammer and gently tap the button into place. Use an even surface to ensure that the force will be distributed evenly and that the button will not break.

  1. Repeat the steps above if you have more than one buttons

This method also works for denim jackets. Repeat all the steps as needed on other buttons. If you don’t have a replacement button, you can do the easy DIY lifehack below.

The Quick Fix Version: Without A New Jean Button

In this method,  you will need the following:

  • A coin – Use a coin that is close to the size of a button.
  • Small piece of fabric – Use both as the tack and the cover.
  • Yarn – for keeping the fabric bundled.

Cut a small hole to the place where you want your button to be. Get your coin and wrap it with a small cloth. Wrap it with yarn as tightly as possible.

Cut the excess cloth and insert the DIY button into the whole of the former button. Roll more yarn to make the remaining cloth thicker and to avoid dislodging it out of the hole. And now, you’re ready to go! Remember to buy fully functioning jean buttons for full professional repair.