If you are using eBay, then you will know that many times items are not as desired, as with any shopping, and you might want a refund on it.

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Refund on eBay Postage

To know more about this matter, which may be new for many, here is a community discussion on eBay on the same topic.

  • The postage cost refers to the additional cost you put into in returning the item. In this case, once the seller receives the item, you get back the ‘Original Price + Original Postage’ change back to you.
  • You have to re-print the postage from eBay in case you make a mistake, and this can’t be counted unless verified.
  • To void a shipping label, you have to log into your eBay account on its website. Go to ‘My eBay>Sold’ and on the left side. Then, click on ‘More’ and view your order details.
  • There you can find and click on ‘Void Shipping Label’ near the bottom of the order.

Refund on eBay Gift Card

When you make purchases using prepaid gift cards, and you wish to have a refund, how do you go about it? When eBay offers several ways of making payments, it becomes a hurdle for undoing anything like a payment.

  • It happens that you have to have your ‘Original Receipt’ to begin any kind of settlement.
  • Usually, even if you paid through the gift card, the seller might just repay or refund via PayPal, which is more convenient.

Refund on eBay through PayPal

When you are trying to get a refund using PayPal – https://www.paypal.com/, most of the time, they give you a voucher which doesn’t work with eBay. And, this can be an issue.

  • You can go to your PayPal and check for ‘Recent Activity’ to find the transaction that was made to eBay.
  • Click on the ‘Details’ and open your ‘Transaction Page’, and there you can click on ‘Refund Payment’ which appears at the end of this page.
  • If the item hasn’t arrived or is as described, you can file for a return from eBay, by going to your order and then follow the steps to ‘Make a Return’. There, you can select your mode of payment like PayPal.


One of the policies of eBay is that unless the product is damaged during transit or the seller is at fault, the buyer usually pays for the return postage.

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