Uber is known and used around the world.

Even if you do not have a car or do not know how to drive, you have the option to have a professional passenger transport vehicle pick you and drop you off to your destination.

Uber cars and sedans are required to display a sticker to signify that they are passenger transport vehicles.

It is now a legal requirement in some areas when working and online as an Uber driver, you must display a removable Uber sticker. It may only be state regulation in some states and areas, but it is always a good idea to have the information handy when the state you are in will require an Uber sticker for your vehicle.

Here I will show you how to obtain it.

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  1. The first step to obtaining the removable Uber sticker is by going onto the Uber website.

TIP – You can do this on any device that you can access the internet on, this is not exclusive to the desktop only.

  1. Once you have got onto the Uber website, look in the top right-hand corner of the screen. There are three lines, showing the menu, click on it. Towards the bottom is the ‘Help’ tab. Click on that.
  1. You will have now been directed to the Uber help page.  Now, click on the drop-down menu in the middle of the page, as an Uber Partner you want to select Partner.
  1. Search in the search box for ‘Sticker’. It may come back with no results. If it does, it is because in your area it is not a legal requirement. If you are unsure you can always contact Uber support seven days a week. It is always best to check for sure, before assuming you do not need one.
  1. However, if it does come up with results, scroll down the page and there will be a button asking ‘Request an Uber sticker’. You want to click on this.
  1. The next step is that you will have to sign in to your Uber account and then confirm who you are and confirm your address and make sure it is the same address that your Uber account is linked with.
  1. Step seven is after you have confirmed who you are and your address Uber will endeavor to get your sticker out to you as quickly as possible.

TIPLocal postage may mean it can take quite a few days.

  1. When your Uber removable sticker has arrived, you are good to go! It is required whenever you are logged in and live to your Uber account and driving customers around.

TIP – The requirement is that drivers place the removable Uber sticker on the driver’s side of the front window. If you place it anywhere else, you will be going against Uber’s terms, which may get you in trouble if reported.

  1. When you finish your shift for the day, and you are using your car for personal use and not ‘online’ on the app, you must remove the sticker as to not cause confusion or go against Uber’s terms.

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The steps mentioned above are applicable if you are already an Uber driver and you need a new Uber sticker. Or you can pick up a new Uber sticker at your local Greenlight location. To check availability, all you need to do is:

Tap the “Help” button in your driver app and then select “Book an in person appointment” option.

Then, tap the issue you need assistance with and tap “Schedule an appointment”.

Another option is for you to visit Uber website, sign in to your account to book an appointment.

But, if you have just signed up, as Uber driver, you should receive your Uber sticker within 7 business days from the day you become a driver.


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