Google Chrome holds 63.69% of the browser market share as of June 2019.

It’s one of the fastest browsers and its available for LinuxWe are going to learn to install Google Chrome browser in Ubuntu (A popular distribution of Linux).

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You can install Chrome using the GUI based tools or by installing it using the terminal, we are going to discuss both methods in this article. Chrome is now available for only 64-bit systems. You should make sure before installing that you have a 64-bit system.

Graphical GUI based Installation

The graphical installation is quite straightforward. Search google for ‘chrome’ and open the following link:

The link will open and you will see a download button. Click on it.

The following popup will appear. Select your required file format, in our case it is for Ubuntu so we will select the ‘deb‘ file. Read the terms and conditions for use of chrome and then click and install button.

The following screen will open, select the save option and click ‘ok’.

The file will take a few minutes depending open your internet connection. After the download is finished. Open the downloads folder.

Double click on the file, the following window will open.

Click on the install button to start the installation procedure for Google Chrome, it will ask for user password, then it will start the installation.

The install button will change to remove. The installation is completed. We can now access the chrome browser using the search bar.

Terminal based installation

Command line savvy individuals can install Chrome using the terminal using the following instructions:

First we need the deb file, we can use the wget command to get.

To install the ‘deb’ file we can use ‘dpkg’ as follows:

Chrome browser is now installed.

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