The Sims™ FreePlay is available on an iPhone or android. The Sims™ FreePlay is a mobile-based game of the classic Sims Game. You should not cheat or use glitches in the game to make more money instead of this you should go for planning a few strategies.

  1. Inspiring Your Sims™ FreePlay

It is the initial step to make more money on Sims™ FreePlay. You need to inspire your Sims.

  • You should be familiar with this that inspired Sims to get more simoleons when they finish their tasks.
  • You need to fulfill the needs of your Sims first.
  • You should use the fridge to show hunger.
  • You should depict the TV or computer to represent fun.
  • You can use a pet and other Sims or the phone to present being social.
  1. Caffeinate your Sims

This is basically that after a large lump day your Sims need to take some rest otherwise you might lose next time you use them.

  • Making your Sims take rest is a good move so your Sims will be ready to use next time.
  • Whenever your Sims drink coffee, they are allowed to work through the night without any kind of rest.
  1. Using Sim’s Dog to Dig up the Money

It is an easier step to make more money as after the dog digs up you need to praise him more.

  • Praising more and more will let him know that more he digs more he gets praised and more you earn money. This all will be like a reward to you.
  • You can even buy more bones to your dog and it will help you to gets more Simoleons and Lifestyle points faster.
  • You can get a toddler to play with your dog and treat it like an adult usually this will lead you to something and keep repeating it will help you to attain more stuff.
  1. Working

It is the basic thing to do to earn money that is to go to work daily. When your Sims go to work, they can earn more money and keep that money.

  • It is quite simple. You go to work daily, you get promoted and then you will be able to earn more Simoleons and more XP after a working day.
  • If your Sims go to the workdays then it will help him to reach for their tasks as well.
  1. Vegetables

This is a little long investment. This is more like a business. You need to grow vegetables and when they are grown you can sell them to earn more money:

  • This might be depending upon what you have grown.
  • It is also noticed that if your Sims garden about 7 or 8 hours crops at night, then you might get more Simoleons and XP when you wake up.
  • If you are inspired then you will more simoleons like about 1.5X times.
  • You should try planning bell pepper seeds as it takes only 30 seconds to grow and be ready to be sold.
  • Carrots are another good source of your farming Simoleons.


  • You need to check the rank of your Sims in order to earn a few extra Lifestyle points.
  • You should choose less expensive ovens as the utilization of expensive ovens is a waste of money so you should stick to the cheap model.
  • You need to go for a drive so you can earn a few extra Simoleons every 2.5 minutes which might be around 250 Simoleons.
  • You should acquire a few more free items and then sell them all out when their prices appear.