There’s a lot of things that we should be thankful for when it comes to the internet: and one of those is improving communication. A message that once takes a lot of days to come through can now be sent and received within seconds. Even video messaging has been made possible because of technological advances. But for the quick and efficient message, a text message will do the job. Sending and receiving messages are done within seconds.

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As the usage of texting grew, the conversations also transformed from practical terms into a more casual “what’s up” ones. People now use texting for casual talks and entertainment. One can even date via simple message exchanges using phones and computers.

Hence, it’s very common to receive unwanted texts from individuals that either threatens your security or are simply not interesting. How would you stop someone from texting you without being rude? What is the most effective way to distance yourself from potentially harmful people? Here are the ten steps you can do to stop someone from texting you.

10 ways to stop someone from texting you

  1. Tell Them you’re “Busy”

If you don’t want to get bombarded with unwanted text, you can politely shut the communication down by telling them you’re busy. Drop a hint that you’re not really interested in having another conversation by not making any time for it. It’s a polite way of ending a conversation without leaving bad aftertaste, especially if you have to contact this person again in the future. Busy or not, it’s a win-win situation for you.

  1. “Error” Messages

Another somehow “polite” way to keep someone from texting you is by giving an “error” message. This only works if you gave your number to a person earlier, only to realize that the person is interesting. Messages such as “Service Error ###: Further messages will be charged to your system.” is a big hint that you’re not interested.

  1. Be “Boring”

Making things boring in a conversation is almost a sure interest killer in all texting situations. After all, if both aren’t enjoying conversations, things will just go falling from there. Therefore, if you don’t want to continue the conversation, be a boring texter. Get it to the point that he or she will be the one to ghost you. This way, you won’t have to worry about this person texting you back.

  1. Delay Your Responses

Who doesn’t get annoyed and frustrated if someone takes a lot of time to reply? I bet you’ll also stop texting someone if he or she replies to your messages after like ages. Fortunately, this annoying tactic will work well if you’re dealing with someone least interesting. Try to reply to messages once a day or once every other day. Of course, there’s a big chance that this person will start calling you, but also ignore that.

  1. Politely Tell Them To Stop

Just because you‘re not totally into talking with someone, it doesn’t mean you have the pass to be rude. Make your point clear and known: but don’t get rude because the experience is irritating. If the person gets the message, he or she will leave you alone. Usually, people who get the message and understand your decision will simply stop messaging you. But if these people do not heed your request, you can make a stricter approach.

  1. Be A Meanie

If someone’s being rude and is sending you to mean messages every day, you can give him or her back a taste of his or her own medicine. Think of it like this: if they annoy you, you can annoy them back by also being annoying. I know that sounds like a tongue twister and a waste of time, but if you’re really trying to get someone out of your inbox, then this method has a lot of potentials to work. Of course, this method can also fail, especially if the person fights back and text you more. In that case, the next option is probably the best.

  1. Block Their Number

When no options are successful, blocking someone’s number will surely get them out of your tails. Each messaging app has a block feature, even the SMS feature of your phone. For iPhone users, you can block any unwanted numbers by going to Settings > Phone > Call Block and Identification > Block Contact. For Android users, the process might vary, as there are several versions of the operating system. But in gist, you should be able to block a number from settings. You can long-press the number in the recent call or text menu and tap the blocking option. If you’re being harassed via texting, you can use the methods below to stop the harassment.

  1. Change Your Communication Platform

Texting apps are only one of the options you have when it comes to communication. Social media platforms are excellent alternatives if you want to change the communication platform. Facebook and Twitter are free platforms that you can use to communicate with your friends and family.

  1. Get A New Number

Not a social media type of person? Change your number instead. Since the other person can still text you using other numbers, getting a new number is a helpful step in blocking someone. Make sure only to give your number on trusted friends and family members. But this is not the ultimate move if someone’s harassing you via text (and never gives up in doing so). For extreme cases of harassment, its time that you involve the police.

  1. Get Legal Help

Harassment through text might not be a big offense in some places. You can’t expect the police to make a move if someone’s sending you spam and baseless threats. But for cases that create stress and anxiety, the police can get itself involved and intervene. You should involve law if someone’s texts affect your health, job, or livelihood in a damaging way.

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