Streaming live on Twitter can be done on the Twitter official app for Android and iOS.

Before jumping into the steps for how to live stream on Twitter, ensure your account is set to publicReady to get started? Well, let’s get rolling.

  1. Go Live On Twitter

Launch your Twitter app on your iOS or Android phone.

When the app opens, tap on the feather-like button on the lower right to open a new tweet field.

Next, tap on the “camera” icon from the composer. Alternatively, you can swipe your screen from the home timeline to your left.

Locate the “Live” mode found at the bottom selector and then tap on it to start live streaming.

Fill in a brief description that will appear as a tweet. Also, you can add your location if you wish.

Tap on the “Go Live” start your live broadcast. By doing that, your description, live broadcast, and location (if you added it) will appear as a tweet on your audience timeline as well as on your profile.

To end your broadcast, navigate to the upper left corner and hit on the red “Stop broadcast” button or “X” icon. By doing that, the menu will appear.

Tap on the “Stop Broadcast” to end your session.

Edit your broadcast video by tapping on the “Edit broadcast” icon that appears after ending the live broadcast.

From the “Edit Broadcast” option, you can make modifications to the video by trimming the start and the end, changing the title, and more.

When through with the edits, tap on the “Save Changes” to effect the new modifications. However, the changes made may take about 15 minutes to reflect on the tweets.

Tip: If you want to delete your past tweeter live stream, you don’t need to sweat. All you should do is delete the tweet containing the video, and the video will get deleted. However, canceling your past Livestream within the Periscope app will not remove the video from the tweet.

  1. Go Live On Twitter with Guests

When a live broadcast is enabled on Twitter, you can invite your viewers as guests. Also, your viewers can send a request to join as guests. The maximum number of guests that can participate in a live broadcast is restricted to 3 members only. Now, let’s jump on how to go live with your guests.

Swipe to the left from your timeline to launch the camera. If that doesn’t work for you, you can tap on the camera icon from your tweet composer. With your camera on, let’s proceed to the next step.

Tap on the “Live” option located at the lower right portion of the screen.   

After that, navigate to the upper right of the screen and tap on the icon that resembles two heads. Doing so allows your live viewers to request for guest posts.

With that done, you can now start the live broadcast by tapping on the “Go Live” button.

Add your guests. When the live viewers send you requests, you will receive a notification in the chat. After that, you can tap on the icon with two silhouettes on the bottom bar to view the requests. Having gone through the list, tap on the “+” icon to add them to the broadcast. After doing that, the guests will have a 5-second delay before joining.

If you’d wish to remove any guest, tap on the “x” icon located in the upper right corner of their profile picture. And that’s how easy it is.

End the session when done.

If you want to invite viewers’ to a live broadcast, follow the steps below.

  1. How to invite views to a live broadcast on Twitter

Tap on the camera icon from your tweet composer.

After that, go ahead and tap on the “Live”.

Tap on the icon resembling two silhouette people on the lower part of the screen to allow your viewers to join.

With that done, tap on the three-dotted menu on the bottom right corner of the screen to expand the menu.

Finally, tap on the “Ask for viewers” option. Now, your guests can find you live broadcast and view the Livestream.

Note: The three guests can participate in the broadcast, one after the other. Besides that, the broadcasters can decide to switch off the camera and broadcast through audio. 

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