An idea for decorating your home at Christmas is not limited.

There are so many things you can do, even particularly with the lights that you just bought.

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Hang Christmas Lights on Ceiling without Drilling

You want to hang the lights alright, but you don’t want to damage the ceiling or make any permanent damage to the beautiful paint and decoration too. Using a drill would be the easiest way, but maybe there are better ways that may be even cheaper than buying a drill.

  • Some of the things you will need here is a pair of friends, if you have, free time, adhesives or adhesive hooks, your favorite string of lights, and a ladder.
  • When you have them, you can surely miss drilling, but later it will look really good and when Christmas is over, and you remove them, there will be no trace of it too.
  • The adhesive hooks can be purchased from your local hardware store, and ensure that the lights and the size of hooks are compatible.
  • Also, before you actually hang the lights, you can draw some designs over which you want to lay the lights, although this is not required if you can just do it.
  • Ensure safety while using the ladder and get help from a friend, if you can.

Hang Christmas Lights on Concrete Ceiling

What would you do if you have a concrete ceiling that is not too well finished? In these types of ceilings, the adhesive hooks might not stick well because the surface is not smooth, and might even fall off frequently.

  • There are ropes lights that are a string of lights covered in a plastic sheath and it makes them possible to use indoors and outdoors too when wet conditions prevail.
  • It is best to use them on concrete ceilings outdoors, and here is how you can do them easily.
  • First, you can cut them into parts at the points where there are dotted marks. Pay attention because cutting elsewhere will damage the light rope.
  • Start with cable clamps attached to the rope at every interval of 12 or 24 inches or so, which should hold it under its own weight.
  • For the concrete, you have to drill small holes, to hang the clamps with screws fixed to them. Later though, you have to remove them and fill it will cement or putty.

Hang Christmas Lights on Ceiling without Nails

If you are trying to decorate your bedroom ceiling and walls and maybe other rooms but do not want to use nails and drill holes or hammer them everywhere, here is some advice. Also, using nails is a real pain to do and later, undo again.

  • Using S-shaped gutter hooks is a bright idea to hang the lights along the edges of the ceiling firmly, and you can get them at any nearby home improvement store.
  • You also have the option of shingle tabs that are found in L-shaped and with 2 prongs, on one side and a small hole on the top side.
  • You can learn more about how to use the shingle tabs online or from the very store you are purchasing them. It is simple and effective.
  • And, if you have a smooth surface in your bedroom ceiling or elsewhere, you already have the option of adhesive clips and hooks. They come with plastic clips and a protective paper that you can peel off and use.

Hang Christmas Lights on Textured/Stucco Ceiling

As mentioned repeatedly above, when the surface is not smooth, the options are limited and for rope lights that are heavier, often drilling is the only choice left. But, for a lightweight string of lights, you can also use another method listed here.

  • A hot glue gun is a good way to overcome this problem, and you can even use the ones that are useful outdoors in wet conditions.
  • It takes around 5 to 10 minutes for the glue to heat up inside the gun, and having an extension cord is a great idea to walk around easily too.
  • Also, remember that this must be used together with a strand of bulbs like rope lights where the bulbs are not hanging from the string of wires.
  • Just pea-sized glue is enough o sticks it to the surface, and gives it a second or two to get fixed properly to the ceiling and dry before moving to the next one.
  • You may have to press it slightly on the ceiling or wall and hold it so that the glue cools down and the light rope sticks perfectly.
  • At times, you can use hooks to stick them, and then put the lights on them as desired.

Hang Christmas Lights on Popcorn Ceiling

When you talk about the kinds of ceilings, there are really many. People can decorate and finish the surface with textures, smooth or with wallpapers even. The popcorn ceiling is the one which is rough in texture deliberately.

  • If your bedroom ceiling or patio ceiling has a popcorn surface, you must know that using adhesive hooks, command tapes and hangers or tapes is not going to work.
  • You can make decorative designs using a pencil and then hang lights, but the method will either need some drilling or nails (which is easiest but can be avoided).
  • You can do a small trick that is finding some spots that are smooth between the uneven surfaces, and rub them a bit with a scrubber, in small circular spots which are not that noticeable.
  • Then, you can use a hot glue gun and attach hooks at those spots, and hang your lights to them.


  • For concrete ceilings and walls you may, definitely, in some cases, need to use concrete anchors to hold the clamps in place together.
  • Use of adhesive clips and hooks must be avoided on concrete, brick walls, textured ceilings and so on.

If you are want to use a hot glue gun on stucco over Styrofoam, and then stop immediately. This will burn the Styrofoam beneath and make holes.

Hanging Christmas Lights on the Bedroom

Do you like the idea of hanging Christmas lights in your bedroom? Well, if you want your room feel cozy and look dreamy, perhaps putting some string lights on the ceiling can do the trick.

You should already know that string lights look fanciful anywhere you want to put it. This is really a great way to make your apartment or dorm room quite awesome.

Decorating the Bedroom Using Christmas Lights

  • Use string lights to make a fake headboard or fill a transparent headboard to simulate bright nightlight or set the mood.
  • Fill the void between the ceiling and the wall area to make a dazzling impression.
  • Use curtain string lights to decorate an entire wall or create a fantastic backdrop for an evening activity.
  • Create a wall art inside your bedroom that lights up or attach it to a board and make custom messages or drawings.

There many more ideas that may complement the look of your bedroom simply with the aid of some Christmas lights.

Take note that Christmas lights are not just limited for the holiday season, because you can always make every day feel like it is a holiday. After all, you can use anything you like to decorate your place of Zen and solace.


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