Nowadays, it’s super easy to change your look without breaking the bank. Getting a new haircut is one of the easiest ways to do so. But, if you want to make things even more fun, you can always highlight your hair on your own, in your home.

And yes, it is possible to easily accomplish that without making a mess or any special skills. Just stick to what you learn here and carefully apply it.

  1. What will you need? First of all, you will need to find a highlighting kit adequate to your hair’s length. Those with short to medium hair length will need a kit that has a hook and a cap. The cap comes with small openings that are big enough to pull small locks of hair through it. The hook is what you need to pull the small locks. The hair locks that will come out through the cap holes are the ones that will be dyed. The rest of the hair will stay as it is, in its natural color.

  1. Finding the right color Choosing the color of the highlights is probably the most critical point. One should always go for a color that is never more than two shades lighter than the original color of the hair. For example, men with dark hair should always opt out for red or dark brown highlights.

  1. Check out the manual (even if it is not your first time) Next step is to go through the instruction manual on the kit. Missing a step can easily lead to chemical damage on your hair. The instruction manual has all the information on how to properly mix the dye, how to apply it, and for how long it needs to be in contact with your hair.  

  1. Find working space After you are done with the manual, you need to choose a location where the magic will happen. Your best options are the kitchen, the bathroom, or the garage. Stuff like food, dishes, carpets can be easily damaged by the dye and should be removed from the area where you plan to do this.  

  1. Safety before everything Nowadays, almost all kits come with protective gloves. Besides, it is highly recommendable to wear some old and worn out piece of clothing that can be thrown away in case it comes in contact with the dye. Plus, you will need to find a towel that you can wrap around the neck so that the skin is protected from the hair dye. In case some of the chemicals come in contact with skin, it needs to be instantly washed away so that potential chemical burns are avoided. Or in the case of spills, you need to be able to clean them on the spot without waiting. That way you can protect the flooring or another surface where there is a spill.


Highlighting your hair is not rocket science. But at the same time, it needs to be done with precaution and care. After all, you are dealing with chemicals that can cause certain damages, if not cared adequately. All in all, follow the steps above and you will be as good as a pro.