1. Purchase Your Own Hookah Set

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You can purchase your hookah set at a nearby Hookah shop or online like Amazon. Prices can range from $30-800.

The Hookah Set that you need to have includes the following important items:

  • Bowl – This is where you will place the flavors which is located at the top of the hookah. There are many types of bowls you could choose from clay, pyrex, ceramic or stainless steel.
  • Hose – This is the tube where the filtered smoke passes through before the smoker inhales it. You have two options to choose from; it can either be plastic or silicone hoses that have materials that are washable and non-washable depending on your preference.
  • Vase – Serves as a mini water container that holds the water and filters the smoke coming from tobacco before it reaches the hose. The water acts as a cooling agent to the smoke that prevents it from getting hot early. You can either choose an acrylic or glass vase.
  • Tray – This is used as an ash trapper so that the ashes won’t scatter anywhere. Burned tobacco or coals can be messy and may cause harm if not disposed of properly.
  • Center Piece – This is what most people call “the heart of the hookah.” The very foundation that stabilizes all the parts together. The piece is made from a metal such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and copper. This explains why it’s strong enough to hold it together.
  1. Set Up Your Hookah

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  • Fill up the vase with water: Ensure that you won’t overfill the vase with too much water. The hookah stem must be an inch below the water level.
  • Insert the hookah shaft: Place the hookah shaft inside the vase until the bottom of the shaft is submerged, not more than 2 inches underwater. Ensure that when closing the shaft, you seal it tightly that no air can pass through. Use a rubber grommet between the vase and centerpiece so the shaft could fit tighter.
  • Set-up the Tray: The circular tray must be placed at the top of the hookah shaft. Make sure that it’s not tilted so it won’t fall when being used.
  • Attach the Bowl: Check the bowl if there’s a plastic or rubber grommet between the metal mid-section and the bowl.
  • Attach the Hose: Insert the hose by still using the grommet into the metal mid-section. You must seal it tightly.
  • Check the Airflow: To verify that you have sealed it tightly, place your hand on top of the hookah bowl then suck in through the hose. You should feel a pulling motion from your hand and see the water bubbling.

Note: if it’s not showing either of those signs, then the air must’ve leaked somewhere. Check where the problem is.

  • Add the Shisha: When placing the shisha, make sure the rim of the bowl is leveled. Sprinkle some of the flavored tobacco of your choice, careful not to overflow the tobacco.
  • Appy Some Foil: Put the foil on top of the bowl, ensuring that it’s perfectly flat and tight. Use any sharp-pointed object and punch tiny holes on the top.

Note: Cut your foil into a round or square form twice the size of the bowl.

  • Heat the Charcoal: If using natural coals, leave them onto the stove until it grows red and ashy. If using quick lighting coals, light them with a lighter outside. Please ensure that you handle the coals with caution.
  • Set up the Charcoal: First, put the charcoal on top of the foil. You should place it on the edge of the bowl to enjoy a longer smoking session.

Note: You don’t want to touch the center bowl by the coals.

  1. Start Smoking

  • Slowly press the charcoal down.
  • Grab the hookah hose and suck the mouthpiece.
  • Puff the smoke in and feel the taste of the tobacco in your mouth.
  • Exhale and repeat.
  1. Clean and Store

  • Please make sure the hookah has cooled down before cleaning it.
  • Take apart the parts and rinse with warm water.
  • Throw the tobacco ashes.
  • Squeeze some lemon or add baking soda when brushing the stem to clean the insides effectively.
  • Rinse thoroughly and let it completely dry.
  • Store in a safe compartment, inaccessible by kids or pets.

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