How do you get the pearl in Zelda Wind Waker?

Pearls of the Gods
  1. Din’s Pearl: receive from Komali after beating Dragon Roost Cavern.
  2. Farore’s Pearl: receive from Deku Tree after beating Forbidden Woods.
  3. Nayru’s Pearl: receive from Jabun after opening up the cave entrance at the back of Outset Island. See: Outset Island: Jabun.

How do you get past the whirlpool in Wind Waker?

Change the direction of the wind to the west, make sure you have enough magic energy, then hop off the highest point (the rock platform) and float across to the other side. Continue through the forest until you get to a rock. Blow it up with a Bomb and drop into the hole.

Where is the Master Sword in Wind Waker?

Hyrule Castle
In The Wind Waker, Link finds the Master Sword underneath the Great Sea within Hyrule Castle in the drowned land of Hyrule. After his first face-to-face encounter with Ganondorf, he is told that the Master Sword has lost its power.

How do you get to Greatfish Island?

If you’ve got enough magic energy to make it, climb up the small spiral island with the tree spirit on top. Change the wind direction to the northwest. Fly northwest with your Deku Leaf and make a right into the opening in the rock. Open the treasure chest.

What does Valoo say in Wind Waker?

Valoo (After Dragon Roost Cavern)[edit]

“O Hero! Thank you!” “O Hero! Use the Wind God’s wind!

What does Jabun say in Wind Waker?

Outset Island
Location Transliteration Meaning
Jabun’s dialogue ゼルダが ガノンの手に落ちることは断じて 防がねばならない That is well. You must protect Zelda. She cannot be permitted to fall into the hands of Ganon.
頼んだぞ! I am counting on you!

Is there anything on Greatfish Isle?

Even though the island is destroyed, there are still residents on it. One of the Traveling Merchants is found on this island, along with the Korok Linder, who planted the Great Deku Tree’s seeds here to help grow the island back. This island is also one of the seven destinations of the Ghost Ship.

What happened to Greatfish?

Greatfish Isle, also formatted as Great Fish Isle, is an island of the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. Once the location of a peaceful village of Hyruleans and Jabun, it is now a horrific wreck after being demolished by Ganondorf.

How do I get the Triforce shards in Wind Waker?

When you find a Triforce Chart, you first have to get it deciphered, which is a slow and costly process.

Get the Triforce Shards (Wii U)
Shard Location Method
Triforce Shard 8 G-1: Overlook Island Use the Hookshot to enter and defeat the enemies inside.
Dec 15, 2013

How do you get the Triforce Chart 2?

The Triforce Shard 2 is located on E5: Private Oasis. You have to complete the maze here to get it. In the Wii U Version, the Triforce Shard is located in the chest inside. In the GameCube version, you instead get the Triforce Chart 2 (GameCube).

Where is Bomb Island?

Bomb Island is one of the many islands scattered throughout the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. One square south is the Forest Haven, to the north is Eastern Triangle Island, to the west is Private Oasis, and to the east is Bird’s Peak Rock.

Bomb Island.
Games The Wind Waker
Items Piece of Heart ×2
Oct 3, 2021

Where is Mother and Child Isles?

the Great Sea
The Mother & Child Isles are a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are two islands situated upon the Great Sea within square B2. The Child Isle is a relatively small island with some bushes and a Traveling Merchant found on a raft nearby.

How do you make a Tingle chart?

To get Tingle’s Map (called Tingle’s Chart in the GameCube version), release Tingle from his prison cell on D-2: Windfall Island. The chart shows the location of Tingle’s Island, Windfall, and two fairy wells (that increase your rupee carrying capacity). Note that the scribble on the left is Japanese. It says “Tingle.”

How do you get the Cabana deed in Wind Waker?

This item is obtained by trading 20 joy pendants with Mrs. Marie at Mrs. Marie’s school of joy. Doing so will give Link the deed to the Cabana granting him full ownership of the Cabana.

How do you get the Triforce Chart 4 in Wind Waker?

This Triforce Shard (GameCube version: Triforce Chart 4) is hidden inside a Ghost Ship. Before you can enter this ship, you’ll have to take a little detour to A-6: Diamond Steppe Isle. Sail up close to the island and use your Hookshot on the bottom palm tree to get on top of the cliff. Drop into the hole.

Who is Tingle Wind Waker?

Tingle, in his Wind Waker form is a short, pudgy 35-year-old, while Tingle, in his Majora’s Mask form, is an averaged-sized, paunchy 35-year-old man who is obsessed with “forest fairies” and dresses up in a green costume, slightly resembling that of Link.

How do you get the knuckle in Wind Waker HD?

He can only be found by using the Tingle Tuner; Link can find him by going to Outset Island and stepping into the boats on the beach. Knuckle will appear on the Game Boy Advance screen and get into an argument with Tingle, which ends with him commanding Link to visit various places on the Island.

How do you use a Tingle Tuner?

If a Game Boy Advance and a Game Boy Advance-GameCube Link Cable are connected to the Nintendo Gamecube, then Link can take control of Tingle. To do this, the Game Boy Advance must be simply connected to a GameCube Controller socket using the Game Boy Advance Connector, then activating the Tingle Tuner.

Where can I find Tingle armor?

First, head to Mabe Village Ruins in the eastern area of Hyrule Field and find a Guardian standing in some water. He’s got a chest right beneath him so use Magnesis to pull it out. You’ll find the tights part of the outfit here. Tingle’s Hood is located in the Exchange Ruins in the southwestern area in Hyrule Field.

Where is Linkle from?

Linkle is a young woman who lives in a small village in Hyrule where she takes care of Cuccos as a shepherd. Since she was little, she believes herself to be the reincarnated hero. She believes that the symbol that proves it is the Compass given to her by her grandmother, which has been passed down for generations.

Who is Tingle’s dad?

Tingle’s father is exasperated by his son’s immaturity and still refers to Tingle as a child despite his age.

Wares and Pricing.
Location Map Price
Ikana Canyon Stone Tower 20 Rupees
Clock Town 40 Rupees
Jan 5, 2015