How do you thicken fudge that won’t set?

That just means it’s time to bring in a thickening agent. The most popular one to use for fudge is powdered sugar. Start by adding about one tablespoon of powdered sugar to your fudge and then combine. Add more powdered sugar one tablespoon at a time until desired consistency is reached.

What can you do with fudge that didn’t set?

Last Resort: Ideas for Fudge That Didn’t Set

Make ice cream. Break your fudge into small pieces and, using an ice cream maker, freeze them into delicious homemade ice cream with fudge bits. Make truffles. Use the soft fudge as the ganache center and roll the balls with delicious toppings.

Why is my fudge so liquidy?

Fudge is basically an emulsion between sugar, butter and milk. If the butter gets too hot, it can separate, causing the fudge to become oily on top. This is easy to prevent by monitoring the temperature with a candy thermometer, but separated fudge can also be fixed.

Can you fix fudge that didn’t set?

In many cases, the sugar, butter, and milk mixture needed to be cooked longer or to a hotter temperature. That’s usually the culprit when fudge doesn’t set. You can try reheating your fudge mixture by adding a little more evaporated milk and bringing it slowly back to the boil.

How long do you boil fudge?

Boil for approximately 5 minutes (stirring constantly) until the mixture has a temp of 234 F on a candy thermometer.