Why is only one of my Samsung earbuds working?

If one of your Galaxy Buds is working, it means that the Bluetooth feature on your phone is turned on and the Galaxy Buds are approved on your device. You can try turning it off then turning on the Bluetooth functionality on your phone or another Bluetooth-enabled device.

How do I fix my Samsung earbuds?

Performing a restart on the earbuds, resetting the Bluetooth connection, or updating the Galaxy Wearable app will normally fix the issue.

Get your Samsung earbuds ready to connect
  1. Make sure there’s no interference. …
  2. Check your network connection. …
  3. Charge the earbuds for at least 30 minutes.

Why is my left Galaxy Bud disconnected?

Check the earbuds’ battery status.

If they have a low battery, the buds may disconnect from the phone. In this case, you will need to charge the earbuds. You can check the battery level in the Galaxy Wearable app. Alternatively, you can insert the earbuds in the case to check the battery life.

Why my right earbud is not working?

Headsets may play only in one ear depending on your audio settings. So check your audio properties and make sure that the mono option is turned off. In addition, make sure that voice levels are balanced on both earbuds. … The voice levels must be equal on both sides of your headset.

Why is my left earbud not working?

If you face the issue of one side earbud not working on a wireless headphone then the first thing you need to do is to unpair them. … This usually helps the factory reset the headphones. After you restart the headphones, pair them with your device once again. This should help fix your problem.

How do I manually reset my Samsung buds?

How to Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Buds
  1. Open the Samsung Wearable app. Locate and select “About Earbuds.” Samsung Wearable App Settings.
  2. Choose the “Reset” option. Reset Galaxy Buds.
  3. The app will ask if you want to proceed. Tap “Reset” to confirm your choice. Confirm reset.

Can Galaxy Buds be repaired?

Samsung Galaxy Buds are easy to repair. Samsung introduced us to its new wireless headphones in February, the Galaxy Buds. … But with these Samsung Galaxy Buds the problem is not such. Since they can be repaired, also in a simple way.

Why is my left Samsung earbud not charging?

The most common reasons for Galaxy Buds that are not charging are using a non-Samsung case, not having a fully charged case, a dirty case, or improperly placing the earbuds in the case. You may have to also reset your earbuds on your wearable app to fix the problem.

How do you get both earbuds to work?

What you do is double click each earbud at the same time make sure your phone is turned off bluetooth and they should pair wait a couple of sec and then turn your bluetooth on.

Why is there no sound in one side of my earpiece?

If you only hear audio from the left side of your headphones, make sure the audio source has stereo output capability. IMPORTANT:A mono device will only output sound to the left side. Generally, if a device has an output jack labeled EARPHONE it will be mono, while an output jack labeled HEADPHONE will be stereo.

How do you fix a Samsung buds not charging?

To solve the charging issue, change the cable or switch to a wireless charger. Place the buds in the case for wireless charging and use an AC adapter to connect the wireless charger. Now put the case at the center of the wireless charger and check whether it charges or not.

Can’t connect both earbuds?

Step 1: While the headphones are charging (the white LED indicator of earbuds is on), double-press the power keys of both sides to reset the headphones. Remove both the headphones from charging case, then both headphones power on automatically and connect each other within 60 seconds.

How do I connect two earbuds to my Samsung?

Place your earbuds in the charging case, and then close the lid. Wait 5-6 seconds, and then open the case. The earbuds will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode. If they are already paired to another device, insert them into your ears and hold both touchpads for a few seconds until they enter pairing mode.

How do you pair Samsung earbuds?

Open the Galaxy Wearable app and then select Get started from the drop-down menu. Place your earbuds in the charging case and then press the Pair button on the back of the case for roughly 3-5 seconds to pair the earbuds with the device.