How do you get the protective mask in Prodigy?

You can get it by opening the July 2021 Member Box. The player can also obtain this hat from Magic Mart.

How do you get a wolf hat in Prodigy?

This hat could be obtained from the August 2020 Member Box. The player can also obtain this hat from Magic Mart.

Where can you get the moth mask in Prodigy?

To get the Moth Mask, you must first unlock the Earth Tower. To do this, complete Flora’s quests in Firefly Forest to receive the Earth Keystone. Once you have it, place it in the Keystone Pedestals in the middle of the Academy. This will unlock upstairs, where the Earth Tower is.

How do you get the alien mask in Prodigy?

This hat was obtained by opening the April 2019 Member Box. The player can also obtain this hat from Magic Mart.

Are there cat Ears in Prodigy?

Cat Ears is a hat in Prodigy Math Game. The inside of the ears are a pinkish-maroon color, with the rest black. … There also appears to be fur in the insides of the ears.

How do you get the fox mask in Prodigy?

This hat can be obtained by walking in Town Square during Springfest for the first time. After watching a cutscene of Don Zorro and Harriet Hood, the player will receive this mask from Don Zorro.

How do you get Miras Hood in Prodigy?

The player can get this hat by defeating Mira Shade on Floor 100 of the Dark Tower along with Mira’s Staff and Mira’s Robes.

How do you get the phantom cloak in Prodigy?

What is the rarest outfit in Prodigy?

How do you get the Mira set in Prodigy?

Mira’s Robes can be obtained by beating Mira Shade on Floor 100 of the Dark Tower. Mira Shade will give the player a copy of her hat, wand, and outfit.

How do you climb the Dark Tower in Prodigy without being a member?

How do I get Draconyx gear?

How do you beat Mira Shade prodigy?

If you have an All Out Attack ready, use it first. Then use Falling Star Smash over and over (and if All-Out Attack is ready to use again), until Mira is defeated. -Also, just in case, wear the clothing items that have the highest heart bonuses. (For example, the Black Fang coat and hat.)

How do you get rainbow cloud in Prodigy?

How do you get baby Rex in Prodigy?

Baby Rex was in the only member box that wasn’t obtainable during that time. Rarely, it can be obtained from a parent reward box if the player is a member. This is one of the items that were once in a Member Box that made a return in Summerfest.

What type is squally in Prodigy?

Squally resembles a snowball ghost. It has hollow eyes with purple lights glowing in them. Its hands are balled up in fists, and it has icicles hanging from its head.

Who is the wizard on top of the Dark Tower in Prodigy?

Health. Mira Shade is an NPC (Non-Player Character) guardian/final boss of the Dark Tower in Prodigy Math Game and one of the most powerful wizards/bosses ever in Prodigy.

Where do you find a Luminex in Prodigy?

It can be found in the Academy Archives.

How do you get Snowfluff in Prodigy?

  1. Element.
  2. Evolution(s) Hail-Tail (evolves into) Frostjaw (evolves into)
  3. Location(s) Found. Lamplight Town (Starlight Festival) Pallet Pass (Tutorial)
  4. Obtainment Method. Purchase from Starlight Festival for 50. Create an account after June 5th, 2019.
  5. Rarity. Common (Gray)
  6. Availability. Everyone.
  7. Pet ID.

Where can you find Arcticlaw in Prodigy?

Is Ashley rare in Prodigy?

Ashlet is one of the few pets where its evolution is a different rarity. Ashlet can sometimes be the first pet you battle in Bonfire Spire. It is common to find one in the Bonfire Spire.