How do you use the word erudition in a sentence?

Erudition Sentence Examples

He had strong sense with profound erudition, was one of the best writers of his time and an excellent preacher. Nicholas himself was a man of vast erudition, and his friend Aeneas Silvius (later Pope Pius II.) said of him that “what he does not know is outside the range of human knowledge.”

How do you use erudite?

If you describe someone as erudite, you mean that they have or show great academic knowledge. You can also use erudite to describe something such as a book or a style of writing. He was never dull, always erudite and well informed. She wrote in an original and highly erudite style.

What is a meaning of erudition?

Definition of erudition

: extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books : profound, recondite, or bookish learning.

Is erudite a compliment?

That is a compliment! Being erudite means that you have or show a wide knowledge gained from reading; learned; scholarly.

What is an example of erudite?

Having or showing a wide knowledge gained from reading; learned; scholarly. The definition of erudite is someone who has wide range of knowledge and is well-read. An example of erudite is a professor of literature. Learned, scholarly, with emphasis on knowledge gained from books.

Which part of speech is erudite?

Erudite derives from Latin eruditus, the past participle of the verb erudire, meaning “to instruct.” A closer look at that verb shows that it is formed by combining the prefix e-, meaning “missing” or “absent,” with the adjective rudis, which means “rude” or “ignorant.” (Rudis is also the source of the English word …

What is the erudite attitude?

Erudite values the virtue of intelligence and wisdom over any other. The members focus their lives on the pursuit of knowledge. Erudite are expected to delegate themselves in the library reading books, or, most commonly, reading something from the computer.

Can erudite be used as a noun?

Profound knowledge, especially that based on learning and scholarship.

Is erudite an adjective?

Erudition comes from the adjective erudite, which describes something that is full of knowledge or that is scholarly.

What is a mercurial man?

If you describe someone as mercurial, you mean that they frequently change their mind or mood without warning. [literary] …his mercurial temperament. Synonyms: capricious, volatile, unpredictable, erratic More Synonyms of mercurial.

What does erudite mean crossword?

having or showing profound knowledge; “a learned jurist”; “an erudite professor”

How do you describe a jovial person?

1. Jovial, jocose, jocular, jocund agree in referring to someone who is in a good humor. Jovial suggests a hearty, joyous humor: a jovial person. Jocose refers to that which causes laughter; it suggests someone who is playful and given to jesting: with jocose and comical airs.

Is it good to be mercurial?

Mercurial Is Safer For Less Experienced Users

However, Git allows all involved developers to change the version history. Obviously, this can have disastrous consequences. With basic Mercurial, you can only change your last commit with “hg commit – amend”. Git also stores every change made for 30 days in reflog.

Where does the word protean come from?

Protean (adj.)

“of or pertaining to the Greek sea-god Proteus,” 1590s, from Greek Prōteus, son of Oceanus and Tethys, who could change his form at will; hence, “readily assuming different shapes, exceedingly variable.” His name is literally “first,” from prōtos “first” (see proto-).

What do you call a person who always happy?

Pollyanna. noun. old-fashioned someone who is always very happy and believes that only good things will happen.

What do you call a person who spreads happiness?

4. Jovial. Means that someone is happy, cheerful, and lively. Jovial is almost always used to describe someone’s personality. Someone who is jovial is often very talkative and socializes with people.

What do you call someone who is hopeful?

adjective. someone who is optimistic is hopeful about the future and tends to expect that good things will happen.

What do you call a person with good vibes?

wiktionary, a Pollyanna is “One who is persistently cheerful and optimistic, even when given cause not to be so. [Eg:] You call her an optimist, but I call her an obnoxious Pollyanna”. (Of course, given that example, a Pollyanna is not always perceived as a source of “positive vibes” either.)

What is it called when someone smiles all the time?

Blithesome, genial, convivial.

What do you call someone who loves life?

One word is “biophile”, from “biophilia” (from Greek bíos, life and philía, attraction, love), a term that was first used by Erich Fromm, who defined it it as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.”

What do you call someone who finds the good in everything?

Perfectionist is the word for someone who is good at everything they do . There work is preferred and perfect.