How do you write one and a half hours in Word?

Very common: “an hour and a half” “one and a half hours

How do you write 1/30 an hour?

1:30 is acceptable to represent “one hour, thirty minutes” as well as “one minute, thirty seconds.” There’s no real convention for distinguishing the two meanings absent other context clues.

How do you write 30 minutes in an hour?

1 hour 30 minutes = 1 + 30/60 hour = 1+ 0.5 hour =1.5 hour.

Is 1.5 a hour and a half?

1.5 hours – it is more than the singular ‘hour’. It is another half hour beyond being singular, so it is ‘one AND a half hours’. Doesn’t matter that it hasn’t made it all the way to ‘two’. One is the single hour; the additional half is part of the second hour, so you have two parts of a number.

What is one and a half hours?

60 minutes is an hour. 90 minutes is one and a half hours, or an hour and a half.

How do you write one and a half?

Go with one of the first two and you’re fine. If you’re not talking about mathmatics, and numbers, use . But if you ARE talking about math and numbers, you should use 1.5.

Is 1.5 hours 1 hour and 30 minutes?

1.5 hours is therefore 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How long is half an hour?

30 minutes
Definition of half an hour

: 30 minutes I waited for half an hour.

What is half of half called?

A quarter is half of a half. Compare Lesson 15.

What is half an hour for 30 minutes?

A half-hour is a period of 30 minutes.

Do you say 0.5 hour or 0.5 hours?

The plural (hours) is used unless the phrase is used as an adjective (e.g. a 0.5 hour presentation, which in practice would be said as “a half-hour presentation” or “a thirty-minute presentation”).

How do you write half of half?

So half of a half is 1/4 and the first ‘half’ in the question means that the half of a half we have found now has to be halved, ie, 1/4 is to be divided by 2: 1/4 divided by 2 = 1/8. Hence, half of a half of a half is 1/8. I shall answer this question in two ways.

How do you write half in math?

How do you write half in numbers?

Properties of halves
  1. In decimal numbers, half is denoted by 0.5.
  2. We can find half of a number multiplying it by ½. For example, in the figure, half of the group of 6 chips is obtained by 6 × 12 =3.

How do you time a half?

What is half of $50?

Half of 50 equals 25.

How do you write two and a half in maths?