What happens to Eddie in how I live now?

Post-War Edmond

Edmond’s good intentions fail, though, and instead he witnesses their massacre and gets captured by enemy soldiers. When he finally returns to his family, he’s mute for over a year, and he continues to punish himself, “as though he hadn’t suffered, or been punished enough.

Are Daisy and Eddie cousins?

Not your typical teen tale, it tells the story of Daisy, a young American, who comes to stay with her eccentric cousins on a country estate in England for the summer. So far, so light, romantic comedy – and then World War III breaks out. … The book breaks taboos as the two cousins – Daisy, 15 and Edmond 16 –fall in love.

Who dies in How I Live Now the book?

Daisy sees Aunt Penn as the caring and loving mother figure she never got to have. Aunt Penn was shot deceased trying to re-enter the country two years after the war started, while trying to get back to her family, . Daisy’s father is mostly too preoccupied with his second wife and his work to notice Daisy.