Who killed Radney?

A jury on Jan. 13 found Olivia Doutly, 24, guilty of manslaughter in the stabbing death of William Radney, who ran a sex-trade business through a website from his east Birmingham home. Doutly claimed self-defense at the trial, saying Radney had abused her and threatened to eliminate her and her 4-year-old child.

What did Steelkilt whisper to the captain?

The seven hundred and seventy-seventh lay, Captain Peleg.” Next, it’s about obsession, and that’s Ahab.

What does Daggoo mistake for the white whale?

Four boats are lowered in vain when Daggoo mistakes a giant squid for the white whale.

Where did Ishmael tell the story of the Town Ho?

Ishmael tells us the story in the same way, he reports, that he told it while drinking at the Golden Inn at Lima (the capital of Peru, if you remember your geography class) two years after his fateful voyage.

What is the town ho?

The Town-Ho, as Ishmael relates, was a whaling vessel that had been taking on water slowly, and a crew of dozens of men was at the pumps down in the ship’s hull, attempting to pump out the water while the Town-Ho approached a suitable harbor in which to repair the hull.